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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahilya saying I will be going there myself. Sarja says no, anything can happen there, its not right to go in this state. Ahilya says the baby is of a brave warrior, he can’t get scared of any enemy and turn away. She leaves. Dwarka says if Mahadev wishes, then you can become a part of our festivals. Gawde asks what do you mean. Dwarka tells him about Malhar’s incomplete dream, which he can fulfill. Harku comes. Dwarka says give your land to Malhar and in return, you can get the respect of becoming Malhar’s Samdhi. Harku gets shocked. Yashoda and Gawde smile. They nod. Dwarka smiles. Ahilya and the guards come to Jagirdar’s house. Ahilya holds her tummy. She bravely goes inside the house. The guard says Jagirdar has made his family stay in front, so that he can run away. She sees some people and asks them to go to neighbor’s house. She asks the lady where is her husband. The lady says I don’t know. Ahilya says you are doing a big mistake by supporting him. She scolds the lady.

Dwarka supervises the cooks. Harku comes and taunts her for spreading bitterness. Dwarka asks what do you mean. Harku says I heard your advice to Gawde. Dwarka says so what, its Gautama’s decision for her son. Harku says I m seeing you brainwashing Gautama, you want Gautama to listen to you, you hate Ahilya so much, you are doing this intentionally. Dwarka says I m elder to you in age and relation, this relation will happen if Gautama agrees, whatever happens will be just for Khanderao’s happiness. Harku says you will never get what you want to. The lady says Jagirdar isn’t at home. She asks the guards to search the house, they will find the culprit. Ahilya asks the guards to check well. The old man says you won’t find anything here. Ahilya prays. She checks the house. She doesn’t see anyone. The guard says we didn’t get anything related to Jagirdar’s fraud. He says we should go back and keep an eye here.

Khanderao and Ahilya have a talk. She asks do you feel scared when you hear of some enemy. He says even big warriors have some flaws, a big enemy had told me his weakness on his own. FB ends. Ahilya thinks this. She goes back to Jagirdar’s house. She confuses the man. She goes to the temple and prays. She moves the shivling. The man tries to stop her. The guards look on. She asks the guards to remove the temple. The old man and the lady scold her for insulting Lord. Ahilya says I said, remove this Devghar from here. The guards move the Devghar. They see the hidden locker with all the assets and papers. Ahilya scolds Jagirdar’s family. She says the real puja is still left, its time for justice. She smiles.

Sarja says you got a big good news, you have to tell this to Khanderao. Gautama says I want you to get married to Parvati. Khanderao gets shocked.

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