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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malhar saying Ahilya has alerted us at the right time and saved us from a big trouble. Gautama says I spoke to Dwarka, I will talk to her again, she is much upset, it will be good if she understands, Khanderao will not support Gunu ji now, you have done justice for the people, you will be called a great king doing justice. Malhar says no, its imp to be a true justice doer, the justice is still incomplete. Gunu ji asks did you come to sympathize with me. Dwarka says you are responsible for this, why did you do this with my daughter, I had worked hard after you, I warned you to not do anything unethical, you had put everything on stake for some money. He says now I understand that you came here to scold me, you can raise your position in the Rajya, you will get praised.

She says no, I don’t need to sacrifice you to save my position, your relation broke with the darbar, not with this palace, you will always be my son in law, I will try that you get the same respect, but for this, you have to earn back the trust, don’t try to put the blame on my daughter, its not her mistake, this shouldn’t affect her. He goes. She thinks I m scared of your silence. Khanderao comes to Ahilya and thanks her for saving him from making a big mistake. He holds her. She says anyone can come inside, kids can come. He says let them come, they are our kids. She says let me go to the kitchen. He stops her.

Malhar says one person is still to be punished. Gautama asks who. Malerao comes and says Ahilya is the biggest justice doer, I will become like her. Malhar says yes. Gautama asks won’t you become like your dad. Mukta comes. She asks Malerao to come fast, there is a secret between us. Malerao says Harku and Parvati knows it. She says yes, even then it’s a secret. Malhar says everyone knows it except Gautama and me. Mukta says you won’t understand. They run out. Khanderao says I want to give you some gift. Ahilya says I will accept whatever you give me. He says I want… I was thinking to give a little gift to the kids. She smiles. The kids come and say we got the gift. Khanderao says let me see what is it. Mukta says it’s a secret. Malerao shows the sweets.

Shuja dictates a letter for Gunu ji. Jahaan writes it. Shuja asks him to send the letter today itself. Jahaan asks do you think they will help us. Shuja says surely, I know well, an enemy’s enemy is a friend, they will become our friend, Malhar and Khanderao will be caught, we will seize Malwa, we will attack Malwa after ten days. Ahilya says I like Kharvas. Parvati says ask me who made it. Ahilya says Harku would have made it. Harku says no, kids made it. Ahilya says great. Kids recall going to Parvati and asking her help. Parvati helps them. Khanderao says you both have made tasty sweets for your mum. Malhar and Gautama come there. They smile. Shuja eats the food. A guard gets a news about Dhana ji’s disappearance. Shuja says find him, who can it be.

Gunu ji sees someone around. The man attacks him. Gunu ji fights him. He says they want to kill me here, show me your face, else I will kill you. Dhana ji shows his face. Gunu ji says you…. He shuts the door and window. He hugs Dhana ji. He says you should have not come here. Dhana ji says I knew it, you will need me, what did you think ahead. Gunu ji says I have to take revenge. Dhana ji says no, don’t think so, we have to take revenge in a way that the other person doesn’t know. Malhar asks the kids to give the sweets to Dwarka, Tukoji and Rakma. The kids leave. Ahilya asks did you talk to Dwarka. Gautama says yes, she is upset, its better to leave her alone for some time. Ahilya says I feel bad, but… Khanderao says I feel bad, but I m helpless, Gunu ji did wrong. Malhar says not just Gunu ji, you are also wrong, Khanderao. He gets angry. He says you have been careless and did injustice with Ratlaam, you will also get punished, I have taken a decision, Ahilya’s stamp will be needed for Khanderao’s decisions, only then that decision will be accepted, else it won’t. They get shocked. Gautama says everything got fine now. Malhar says no, injustice happened with poor innocent people. Gautama says I know, but you have done justice by punishing Gunu ji, why are you punishing Khanderao, is this right justice. Malhar asks are you asking his mistake.

Khanderao argues with Malhar. Malhar says you always misunderstood me. Khanderao says I know you really well.

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