Putin is preparing to make blood-freezing cold the deadliest weapon, what will Ukrainians do?

Russia Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine is going on since February 24 and till now there is no agreement between the two countries on any issue. On one side is the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, who is not ready to back down at any cost and on the other side is the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. He has also said that he will fight Putin till his last breath. At the same time, the war has entered the month of cold and it is believed that Putin is going to make this blood-freezing cold the deadliest weapon. On the other hand, the people of Ukraine have also started preparations. 

There is no doubt that in this war, Russia is going to get a lot of support from thung. Russia has continuously attacked Ukraine’s power grid and has forced more than half of Ukraine to live without electricity. In the past, Zelensky had also said that about 10 million Ukrainians are forced to live without electricity. In such a situation, he is not even able to use the heater to avoid the cold.

‘Russian attacks are pushing us into the Stone Age’

According to a report published on media outlet DailyMail.com, Anastasia Pyrozenko says, "Russian attacks are pushing Ukraine into the Stone Age. In the recent 24-hour span, our 26-storey high-rise building had power for only half an hour. My husband and I are now forced to live out of the apartment because there is army everywhere."

‘Worst winter of life’

25 year old Pyrozenko said, "Our building is the tallest in the area and a major target for Russian missiles, so we left our apartment for my parents’ house and are now preparing for the worst winter of our lives." The situation in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and other major cities has worsened after the biggest missile attack on the power grid here.

What did the power operator say?

Ukrainergo, the Ukrainian state-owned grid operator, reported that 40% of Ukrainians are facing difficulties due to damage to at least 15 major power stations. Warning that power outages could last anywhere from several hours to several days, the network said that "We need courage this winter."

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko also stressed the need to be prepared for possible blackouts. They said, "Worst case scenario…really, I don’t like talking about it, but I have to be prepared if we have no power, blackouts, no water…no heating, no service and no communication Not there."

Ukrainergo said in a statement that "Thousands of kilometer long high-voltage lines are not working due to which the whole country is being affected." President Volodymyr Zelensky said after last week’s attacks that "Restoration of network and technical supply capabilities, de-mining of power lines, repairs – everything goes on round the clock."

What is being prepared in Ukraine now?

The first snowfall has complicated the situation in Kyiv. The cold is forcing people to turn on their heaters, which adds to the load on the grid and leads to longer power cuts. In the face of falling temperatures, Kyiv authorities announced they were installing communal heating points.

528 emergency points have been identified in this city with a population of 30 lakhs. Here, residents will be able to stay warm, drink tea, recharge their phones and get the help they need. The heating points will be equipped with autonomous power sources as well as special boiler rooms.

Mayor Klitschko also talked about the measures taken to prepare for energy outages with the onset of colder temperatures. They said, "We prepared and we (requisitioned) electric generators (from our partners), which they send to us. In this case we have stock of diesel, (of) oil. We’ve got lots of hot stuff. We have medicine."

Citizens leaving lunch boxes and power banks in the lift

Many residents in Kyiv have started leaving food boxes, torches and power banks in the lift in case someone gets stuck in the lift for a long time. Due to power outages, public transport is disrupted, many small shops cannot operate and some medical institutions can operate with limited capacity.

What are the conditions in the hospitals?

Most of the hospitals in Kyiv have already installed generators and there have been no power outages so far. The Oleksandrivska hospital, the largest and oldest in the center of Kyiv, said it did not cancel the elective surgery because the hospital had received electric generators from France. Generators have also been supplied to educational institutions and social services. Volodymyr Kudryavtsky, head of Ukrainerego, said on Friday, "Such facilities are a priority for us and most of them are equipped with autonomous energy sources." 

‘The Russians are using cold as a weapon’

Volodymyr Fesenko, an analyst at the Penta Center think tank in Kyiv, said, "The Russians cannot win on the battlefield and so they are using cold and darkness as a weapon against the civilian population…they are trying to terrorize, depress and demoralize the Ukrainians." He further added that Putin is suffering a military defeat and is in dire need of a military truce, which is why he is forcing Zelensky to negotiate in such a wild way.

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