Putin’s preparation to make SCO at par with NATO, America is starting to have trouble now

Russia Vs America: The world’s superpower America has started getting apprehensive about Russia. He does not like to increase Russia’s closeness with the autocratic countries of the world. Western countries are taking Russia’s proximity as a warning. A recent US intelligence report has revealed that ‘millions’ of ‘millions’ & rsquo; Planning to buy weapons. Britain’s defense intelligence has also confirmed that Russia is already using Iranian-made drones in Ukraine.

Why is America objected to  From Russia

Pyongyang is closer than the time of the Cold War

Moscow has had close diplomatic relations with Pyongyang during the Cold War. The Soviet Union has been one of North Korea’s most important economic partners. This relationship changed dramatically in 1991, when the Soviet Union disintegrated. Russia ceased to be a communist country and focused on building positive relations with Western democracies. He gave preference to economic relations rather than ideological relations. As a result, the closeness with America and South Korea started increasing. Because of this, its relations with Pyongyang deteriorated and North Korea focused on building closer ties with China.

North Korea’s isolation

North Korea’s closeness to China

Russia’s inclination is positive

Some people, such as Lancaster University lecturer in international politics Barbara Yoxon, say that Russia’s leaning towards North Korea is a positive sign. He claimed that Russia’s request for weapons meant military and economic sanctions were working against the Kremlin. Unable to buy weapons from other countries, Putin is turning to North Korea and Iran, whose weapons are considered unreliable. It is true that the close ties between the world’s most dangerous autocratic countries are a dire warning to the Westerner. Russia’s interests in North Korea and Iran may be selfish, but it also indicates that Moscow is not concerned about maintaining diplomatic relations with the West. It could position the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a rival to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

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