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Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 25th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prateik telling Malhar that he found out that he has killed Keerti and Pratiksha is innocent. He calls Kinjal and Parul. Malhar says I didn’t do anything. Prateik says I will tell your Maasi ji about your wrong doings. Malhar takes mobile from his hands. Prateik says I will tell everyone that you had killed Keerti. Malhar says you will say if you are alive. He sends ward boys out. Prateik shouts calling Kinjal, Parul and Hansa. Malhar takes pillow and suffocates him to death. He calls Thakur Saheb and tells him that Maasa ji is dead. It turns out to be his dream. Kinjal wakes him up and asks who is dead? Malhar says Maasa ji. Kinjal says he is fine and shifted to ward.

Amar, Mandeep and others are seated for the breakfast. Ravi comes there and tells that he is going to search the girl whose thoughts matches with Keerti. Mandeep asks him to have breakfast. He refuses and goes. Mandeep tells Amar that she is worried, who will bring smile on his face. Malhar says sorry to Prateik. Prateik says he doesn’t want to talk to him. He says Commissioner Saheb said that he will find CCTV footage. Malhar thinks he will kill him soon.

Pratiksha comes to teach the jail inmates and is about to begin, when Vimla comes there and troubles Pratiksha. Pratiksha asks her to sit in her class and get educated. Vimla gets angry and tells Pratiksha that she will break her head. Another lady tells her that Commissioner Sir is about to come. Ravi comes to the Inspector and tells that he wants to know who had spoken on radio. Inspector takes him inside. He hears Pratiksha talking like Keerti. He imagines Keerti and comes near her. He sees Pratiksha and gets angry. He blames her for telling Keerti’s dreams and thoughts as hers. He asks her not to lecture them which doesn’t suit her personality. Pratiksha says I had met Keerti ji and she was very happy. Ravi says she didn’t know about you, who takes advantage of others. He says you are a cold blooded murderer. Pratiksha says enough and asks why he wants to snatch happiness from her which she gets by teaching them. Ravi says you deserves pain and goes.

The lady asks Pratiksha if she has done this crime. Pratiksha says no. The lady asks her to fight back. Pratiksha tells that she will not bear anyone insulting her. She says a new Pratiksha is born today. Hansa comes to Prateik and asks how is he? Prateik says he is fine. Hansa praises Malhar. Prateik says he doesn’t like him for Pratiksha. Malhar gets upset and goes. He gets Manmohan’s call and tells Hansa that he has to go and meet the lawyer.

Mandeep comes to Manvi’s house and tells about Ravi. He asks about Kavya and goes to her room. She searches for some books and finds Ravi’s pic in the drawer. Ravi thinks Pratiksha is not having any guilt on her face and thinks he wants to see her pain etc. The lady tells that today her smile is troubling you, but it will give you peace later. She says it is just time. Prateik comes to the PS with lawyer. Inspector says you have come here, Gulshan Sachdeva is standing infront of your niece. Prateik’s lawyer gives him Pratiksha’s bail papers and tells that he has never lost any case and has much experience. Inspector asks constable to leave Pratiksha.

Mandeep sees message on the backside of Ravi’s pic which is written by Kavya and realizes she loves him. Kavya comes there.

Precap: Hansa tells that their dream will be fulfilled when Pratiksha gets married. Pratiksha asks if we can wait. Prateik says why not? Kavya says this is right time for Ravi and me. Manvi refuses. Kavya runs from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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