Questions are being raised on America’s claim, people are asking – where is the body of al-Zawahiri?

Al-Queda Chief killed In US Drone Attack ; Questions are being raised over the claim of killing Al-Qaeda Chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri. America told the world on Tuesday 2 August that we have killed al-Zawahiri. Which was confirmed by US President Joe Biden himself. Since then questions are arising that where is the dead body of Zawahiri? After all, how did the USA soldiers identify the body of terrorist Zawahiri? The USA released a picture of the place where al-Zawahiri was hiding. There is no such photo that can clearly say that it is al-Zawahiri. This suspicion is also being raised because rumors of the death of al-Zawahiri have flown many times before. 

What did President Joe Biden say? 

America took revenge 

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