Quick Recipe: Make Spiral Potato at Home like Market, Learn Quick and Tasty Recipe

Spiral Potato Recipe: Potato is such a vegetable which is liked by everyone, be it small children or elders, everyone likes potatoes and their quick dishes. Children especially like the smiley, fries and spiral potatoes found in the market, but due to being fried in unhealthy oil of the market, we avoid giving them to children. At the same time, 100 to 200 rupees have to be spent in the market for this. You can prepare Spiral Petatos at home at very low cost. It is very easy to make, only you should know the right way to make this dish. Let us tell you the tasty and quick recipe of Spiral Potatoes. 
Spiral Potato is a South Korean dish
These things are necessary for spiral potatoes
– 4 medium size potatoes
– 4 wooden sticks of 10 or 12 inches
– salt to taste
– 2 tbsp peri-peri masala  
Spiral Potato Recipe 
– To prepare Tasty Spiral Potato, first you have to take medium sized potatoes. After this wash the potatoes thoroughly and dry their water. 
– After this put it in a wooden stick. Now with the help of a knife, make rounds of potatoes by rotating them.
– Now heat water in a big pan and add some oil and salt to it. Blanch these potatoes in it for 5 minutes. Now take the potato out of it and dry the water well.
– After this heat the oil in the pan and fry the potatoes in hot oil till they become crisp. 
– After the potatoes are crispy, add peri-peri masala over it or you can also use parmesan cheese. Now your Tasty Spiral Potatoes are ready, serve them to children.
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