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Damini mentions it is not te time to stay quiet because Radha would stay here and she will not be married to Mohan , so then it would be her death and the jail for Mohan, Kadambari explains Radha would be missing her village so he should let her go but Mohan refuses to accept her order explaining that he refused to stop her from getting married but not this time. Mohan keeps on requesting Radha to stay but she insists on leaving, he in anger instructs she cannot leave, so Radha slowly turns to walk towards her room, with a heavy heart. Mohan can see that she is sad and even he cannot bear her leave like this, so he walks away. Damini leaves in anger.
Radha is walking when Damini stopping her questions how quickly did she run her magic on Mohan as he doesnot even want her to leave but if she wishes to leave by herself then can go just as she came in the middle of the night, she asks if Radha would leave to which Radha agrees after a while hearing which Damini is relieved.

Kadambari asks Gungun to not be worried as Mohan refused to let Radha leave so she would not go, Gungun explains that Radha would not listen to Mohan and leave, she is her best friend and knows if Radha has decided to do something then would not listen to, Kadambari mentions she cannot stay here all the time, Gungun replies what is the problem when she can live with them, Kadambari explains she is not a family member but a guest so they cannot stay with them forever, Gungun hugs Kadambari thanking that she has provided the solution to all of the problems, Kadambari is still tensed when Gungun thinks she would have to make her a family member if she can stay here forever, but the only way is hat if she becomes her mother. Gungun exclaims Radha made her swear that she will not tell Mohan but now she wants to make Radha her mother.

Radha walking in the hall at night thinks Damini was telling the truth because if she leaves in the nigh then Mohan would not be able to stop her and after a while both Dadi and her father would also return, Damini standing in the balcony exclaims she is glad that Radha is leaving and now she must never show her face. Radha slowly opens the main door of the house, she is standing there and not able to take a step out of the house, Radha slowly takes a few steps back but then someone hits her on the head with a stick, Radha turns to see Mohan standing in front of her, she asks if he did not sleep when Mohan replies he was checking to see if someone wishes to run away. Mohan keeps hitting her on the legs threatening to it her again if she doesnot turn back and go to the room, she tries to struggle with Mohan in an attempt to take the bag, they both keep arguing when the bag finally tears and the clothes fall on the floor, Mohan replies it just tore and he had nothing to do with it, Mohan asks if she remembers what she says that they can join anything once again after it breaks, Radha starts thinking how she said it herself, she thinks they can be mended but a broken heart cannot be the same ever again, hearing this Damini gets tensed. Mohan questions what has happened to her, he takes the name of Kaveri and Damini but Radha refuses to accept it so Mohan inquires then what is the problem since what would happen to Gungun and him as he cannot live with her, she thinks even she cannot live without him but she cannot even see him get married to someone else. M9ohan questions why has she started crying so asks why does she want to leave and he is not scolding her but he asks why has she started crying once again, he explains if she cares for him a little bit then would not leave, he drops the stick explaining he would do it with dignity and thinks he is going to drop her back to the room otherwise she might try to escape once again, he quickly picks all of the clothes questioning why is she crying as he cannot wear them, he forces her to turn and go back to her room, seeing her go back Mohan smiles. Damini thinks this is the last thing she wished to hear as now Radha has become his necessity, but he would have to learn to live without Radha and this is the decision of his fiancé.

Kadambari enters the room with a jug of water when she sees the rope hanging from the ceiling and drops the jug causing it to break, she is stunned to see Damini who is trying to hang herself, Kadambari explains she promised to not do anything of the sort if they make sure she gets married to Mohan, Damini replies she even promised to send Radha away but Mohan once again stopped her, Kadambari explains it would ruin the life of Mohan, Damini tries to hand herself when she explains if Kadambari wants to protect the life of Mohan then should oust Radha from this house, Kadambari assures she would leave so Damini must not do anything of the sort.

In the morning Dulari comes with a letter informing Radha it has been sent to her, Radha starts opening the letter and is shocked after reading it, Mohan manages to see her in a tensed state so goes to ask her what has happened, seeing this Damini gets worried. Radha explains this letter is from her aunt who is very ill so they all would have to leave and meet her. Damini explains then she should leave right now. Tulsi exclaims Damini is the one behind it and has sent the letter. Mohan asks if anyone is there to take care of her, Radha informs there is no one to help her so Dadi also explains her aunt passed away some time ago. Radha replies therefore she felt like going to her village.

Gungun hugs Radha mentioning she would not let Radha leave, Damini even puts her hand on Kadambari who explains they can let Radha leave as this is the time to support their family, Mohan agrees to let her leave on the condition that he accompany her but Radha replies she doesnot want him to come as it would give people a chance to talk about them, Mohan questions if she would come back but Gungun explains Radha would not return.

Radha replies she would surely come back but must leave now, Tulsi exclaims it is not the right thing so he must stop Radha. But Mohan doesnot stop her, Radha brings her bag when she recalls how they have all treated her as their own family, looking at Gungun she recalls the moments she spent with her, Ketki also thinks that she got a sister.

Radha advises Ketki to take care of herself and even mentions that Ajit showed her the relation of a brother, kaveri doesnot let Radha come near her when she explains she always felt Kadambari as her own mother and is sad she did not get enough time to spend with her, Kadambari hugs Radha but sees the face of Damini so blesses her, Radha then walks over to Damini apologizing for her mistake even if it happened unintentionally. Damini hugging Radha asks her to leave as now no one wants to see her face, Dulari is not able to stop her tears so runs back inside.

Radha walks over to Mohan who is really angry, she advises him to take care of himself and even have the medicines on time, she kneels to take his blessings when Mohan asks what is she doing so Radha explains he should not stop her this time, she kneeling thinks she thought of him as her Bhagwan but is leaving as he is not in her destiny, Damini with a smile thinks she should step out of the house as then she will find out the truth of what awaits her, Tulsi thinks she doesnot feel nice so Radha must not leave.

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