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Damini forces Radha to show her hand, she starts opening the fist and is shocked to see that it is bandaged, Radha takes a sigh of relief when Damini questions what has happened, Radha informs that she was working so hurt her hand but Damini should tell if she likes the cleaning but Damini replies not like this but she must clean all the drawers and even the wardrobe. Radha starts feeling dizzy when Damini questions what happened but Radha refuses that anything happened, Damini exclaims she knows Radha has kept the varth. Radha exclaims she is going to start the cleaning; she asks if Damini would also help her to which she agrees.

Gungun questions why is Kaveri showering so much love as it is not right, Kaveri reveals she is about to become her grandmother so has the right to play with her, Gungun exclaims she is now going to teach her what it means to be her Grandmother, Kaveri thinks that she is going to have to suffer a lot because of Damini so she gets married to Mohan, Tulsi thinks she cannot leave Gungun alone with her as who knows what she is thinking about, she is watching while Gungun brings the black ribbon which she asks Kaveri to wear on her eyes, Kaveri is worried saying then she would not be able to watch, Gungun explains this was the plan. She is running but Kaveri cannot catch her, Damini and Radha both are cleaning the house, Damini is tensed as she has not been able to find the Sindoor of Tulsi and there is not enough time left. Radha opens the wardrobe taking the things out, Damini is stressed wondering where could have Tulsi hid the Sindoor.

Mohan enters the room questioning what is going on here, Damini and Radha both are shocked. Radha reveals they are cleaning the room, Mohan inquires if she meant ruining a tidy room then cleaning it once again, Damini reveals that it had not been cleaned properly. Radha asks if he would also like to help them in cleaning as then he would not pay attention to the hunger. Damini questions if he has also kept a varth but Mohan mentions that he has eaten two or three times in the day so she must not talk about food in front of him. Radha assures she is going to clean everything when she seeing the wrist watches exclaims they are really shiny, Damini mentions it is because they are expensive, Radha mentions that if her father had this much money then would not do any work, Mohan question who does correct the photo since every time he turns it back, someone corrects it, Damini thinks about Guru maa said that the Sindoor of a wife is what is most important so the Sindoor would be in the photo. Mohan explains he is going to the house of Shekar so questions if by then everything would be cleaned in the room, Radha assures she would be able to do it.

Damini instructs Radha to also clean the photo, Radha tries to refuse explaining that she will not touch it since this Mohan jee got really angry the lst time but Damini forces her to go and touch it, Radha manages to pick the photo and starts cleaning it but Damini instructs her to hit it with the cloth, she is cleaning it when the bottle of Sindoor slowly moves out of the frame, Damini sees it so she quickly places the cloth asking Radha to hit the frame in the corner, the Sindoor falls on the cloth. Tulsi realizes that something wrong happened with the Sindoor, she thinks of the time when she hid the Sindoor in the photo frame because when fifty years would have passed, Mohan will once again fill her Mang.

Kaveri gets a text from Damini in which she asks her mother to do something that is going to keep Tulsi occupied with her because she would have felt something is wrong, Kaveri starts feeling scared but exclaims she will have to do it for her daughters sake, Kaveri manages to catch Gungun and starts pulling her ears exclaiming she has done a lot of mis chef but now would have to pay, Tulsi in anger mentions no one has the right to hurt her daughter, the lights start flickering which scares Kaveri and so gets really tensed. Tulsi also starts pressing the ears of Kaveri who in pain shouts the name of Damini.

Damini asks Radha to put the photo and exclaims the auspicious time has started, she explains they should get ready for the pooja and so brings the black bag asking Radha is she can fill the bag since she would have done it herself but is allergic to dust, Radha assures she would do it when Damini exclaims that there is one thing left, she asks if Radha can throw the bag in the bin on the other side of their house she would have asked Dulari but she has kept the varth and even the worker has gone to the market, Radha assures she would do it and leaves with the bag, Damini thinks Radha just has to wait for some time as just as she throws the black bag, Damini would also throw her out of the house.

Kaveri starts apologizing to Tulsi exclaiming she is all the bad things; Tulsi suddenly feels that her powers are declining so exclaims someone would have surely removed the Sindoor from the photo. Radha walking down the stairs wonders what happened to the weather as it changed a lot and even the lights are flickering. Tulsi requests Radha to stop since if the Sindoor goes out o the house then she would also be thrown from the house but Radha leaves the house, Tulsi is also thrown out.

Tulsi questions what has Radha done and Damini made a fool of her, Radha turns exclaiming she feels someone is standing behind her, Tulsi turns to see that the protections shield has risen so she can no longer enter the house. Tulsi is stunned.

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