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Kadambari takes Gungun’s hand and tells Radha to leave, she will take care of her. Radha recalls something and leaves upstairs. Gungun follows.

Damini’s mother comes to Damini inside and was elated. She inquires Damini how she managed make Radha leave this place. Damini says she is just a snakelet, while Damini is a nagin. She will be killed if she dares interfere in her plans again. Her mother says she had warned Damini the very first day about Radha’s love for Mohan. Damini admits of miscalculating about Radha but will now remove her from her path. She is now impatiently waiting to marry Mohan.
Outside, Radha was bidding a farewell in the pooja corner. Tulsi wasn’t happy about Radha leaving her Mohan. Radha says Mohan and Damini love each other, she is no one to come between them. Tulsi tries to convey to Radha that infact Damini is coming between them.

Mohan silently thinks that Radha will be missed by everyone in the house. There in the room, Kadambari speaks to Gungun that Radha’s uncle isn’t well and needs to go. Radha had a little role in Gungun’s life, she calmed Gungun’s nerves. Gungun tells Kadambari that God never sends anyone in your life purposelessly; Radha must be here for some reason. She was crying and leaves the room. Damini overhears the conversation and watching Kadambari tensed, she thinks that Gungun will surely ruin her game. There, Kadambari was determined not to ruin Gungun’s happiness for the sake of Damini anymore. She turns around and Damini was on the door.

Rahul and Naina discuss that they must do something to stop the marriage of Damini and Mohan and it is difficult without stopping Radha here. Rahul was sure Damini was feeding their mother these days. He noticed that Mohan wasn’t ready to let Radha leave, and then a letter popped out of nowhere.

In the room, Damini threatens Kadambari to killing herself if she isn’t marrying Mohan. She takes a handful of sleeping pills in her mouth. Kadambari panics and makes Damini spit the pills. Damini takes Kadambari’s promise of sending Radha away from this house. Kadambari cries in promise. Damini hugs Kadambari and whispers that only she will become Kadambari’s daughter in law.

Tulsi was worried about Gungun who needs Radha. Radha still prayed for happiness of Gungun and was sure that Damini will love Gungun. Tulsi asks what about Radha’s happiness. Radha speaks that her happiness lies with Gungun and Mohan’s happiness, she will live until they are happy.
Mohan silently felt upset that Radha is taking a lot from him today. He is so used to her now.
Kadambari regretted that she couldn’t see the real face of Damini. She ruined Mohan and Radha’s life. She decides that she cannot let Damini marry Mohan now, but cries helplessly that she cannot be with the truth even while knowing the whole of it.

Radha now takes a leave. She thinks about her best moments with Mohan. Radha prays for the well-being of this family.

Dadi and Ramesh discuss that everyone is upset because of Radha. He suggests that they should go to Radha’s uncle, and let Radha live here. Dadi decides that it is important Radha goes with them right now.

Radha takes the Goddess along to let her meet with Mohan. She requests Kadambari to take the murti to a temple on her way back. Gungun still pleads and requests Radha not to leave. Tulsi also requests Mohan to stop Radha. Mohan looks towards Radha, their eyes meet each other. Their promises from past flash in front of each other’s eyes. Radha steps outside.

Precap: Mohan sees a letter lying beside Gungun. he checks it and says it’s from vrindawan but Radha said her mami lives in Barsane, is this some kind of trap.
Few goons kidnap Radha.

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