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Damini mentions there is no reason for her to live if she did not get married to Mohan, he runs over to her requesting her to stop this drama and let go of the knife however Damini cuts her wrist in front of Mohan which shocks everyone, Mohan is also stunned seeing the cut and he immediately holds her asking what was the reason she made such a mistake, Damini exclaims that he got married to someone else but she is glad he is by her side and she is going to die in his arms, Damini expresses her love for him before closing her eyes. Kaveri is shocked when Mohan asks them to call the doctor, he places her on the couch.

The doctor is applying the bandage while the entire family is standing beside her, Kadambari asks the doctor is Damini is fine, he informs he has performed the bandage, but this seems to be a suicide case but since he is their family doctor so did not call the police otherwise, they would have suffered a lot. Kadambari recalls the threats Damini made to her, saying she will make sure that Mohan suffers if she dies. The doctors stand up to leave when Gungun requests him to also perform bandage of her mother, the doctor replies he has already applied it but Gungun informs that Radha is her mother and her father married her. The doctor asks Radha to sit down but Mohan mentions there is no need to perform her bandage since she knows how to inflict pain, the doctor tries to argue but Mohan asks him to leave. Gungun questions what is he doing since Radha got hurt because of him and he did not even apologize to her, so this is wrong. Radha stops Gungun mentioning there is no reason to argue with her father, Radha explains she holds everything dear associated with Mohan, either it is the Bhagwat Geeta or this injury. Radha mentions this is the first gift given by him and she would have it on her forehead the rest of her life. Kadambari is not able to believe Radha.

Damini slowly regains consciousness, Kaveri and Kadambari are worried for her, they help her sit on the couch, Kadambari asks if she is fine when Damini inquires why did they save her as she should have been allowed to die. Kaveri asks why she is talking like this when she has her whole life ahead of her, Damini exclaims what is this life worth without Mohan, she blames Radha for stealing Mohan.
Kaveri standing blames Radha for having no shame since Mohan threw her out of the house, but she still came back, Kaveri exclaims this time she is going to oust Radha after which she would not be able to return, Radha stops her explaining she should know that Radha is now the daughter in law of this house, the entire family is shocked. Kaveri takes back her hand, Radha explains she must not forget she is living by the gracious feeling of this family. Radha informs Mohan those who have to die do not after showing it to everyone, she explains the hospital is on Mathura Road and it would take him twenty minutes to reach here but how did he come within seven minutes, Radha exclaims Kaveri cried a lot, they all are forced to think. Radha mentions what if Kaveri called the doctor before this incident while she was just acting in front of them. Mohan says Radha is a liar, but this does not mean everyone is just like her. Radha exclaims then he can himself check her phone, to find out the time when she called the doctor. Radha says there was no point in calling because both of them plan everything and this is why they would have removed all of the proofs. Kaveri blames Radha for losing her mind, Kaveri exclaims what is the problem in showing her phone, she demands Mohan should check it. Radha mentions he can confirm it from the doctor. Mohan replies she should not interfere as this house belongs to him, Radha exclaims she is also a member of this house and has every right to talk, he should just call the doctor.

Kaveri whispers to Damini that if Mohan calls the doctor, their plan would be ruined and everyone will find out even a mosquito has more strength to take his own life, they have not even paid the doctor so she should do something. Damini explains to Mohan that Radha is telling the truth, this house belongs to her, it could have been her but that did not happen. Damini accepts that Radha defeated her, she became the wife of Mohan but made her the second women in his life, she says everyone would see her with the same feeling, the entire society is going to blame her because everyone knows she was about to get married to Mohan but now she is alone and there is no one by her side, she while crying exclaims she is going to be the target of their ill words. Radha asks Damini to stop this drama when these words are causing them immense pain, she needs to stop. Damini explains they all promised her the marriage with Mohan but after it did not happen, they have thrown her out of their life. Damini explains Radha got married to Mohan but what happened to her, Mohan angrily stops Damini explaining she is not the second wife, and she does not have to use this word even in her dreams, as they cannot forget what she has done for this family, she took care of this family and him all these years. Mohan explains he was forced to marry Radha however it is his decision if he wants to accept this relation. Mohan mentions he promised he would make her his wife but for this he does not need to be married, Radha is shocked while Kaveri smiles.

Tulsi explains Mohan should remain quiet as it is not right, Mohan walks over to Radha explaining the entire society will remember their marriage. Kaveri and Damini smile thinking their plan will be fulfilled.

Mohan explains they both performed the rituals but Radha is not going to be his wife and Damini would be the one to be his wife, he says Radha is his wife just for the world but she will never get the right and Damini would be the one to get all those rights of a wife, the entire family is shocked. Mohan announces Damini would have every right over all those things which belong to a wife, Damini starts smiling when Mohan explains he will fulfill all those rights which a husband fulfills with his wife, Radha is stunned while the entire Trivedi family is also not able to understand anything. Radha starts weeping.

Precap: Gungun asks Radha if she is going to sleep in her room, Gungun informs Radha must not forget this is a race which she has to win and if Radha does not go into the room of Mohan then Damini would be the first one to go with him. Tulsi explains Gungun is right and if Radha does not take her right then Damini will snatch it from her.

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