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Mohan mentions Damini would have every right of a bride, the entire family is shocked. Damini smiles as Mohan vows to perform all the rituals with her that a groom does with his bride, Kadambari is shocked staring at Mohan. Damini hesitantly explains it is wrong and how can it happen, Mohan says they have been wronged and should have been married but someone interfered with their wrong intentions but what he is going to do would be right, Kaveri says it is not right and in marriage they cannot leave anyone, Kaveri mentions her daughter is half bride today and she would be the unmarried bride the rest of her life. Kadambari agrees with Kaveri but Mohan replies it is not going to be for the rest of their lifetime, he mentions he married Radha for the custody of Gungun and once it happens then Radha will be ousted from this house. Mohan explains the wedding would surely end which happened by deception after which he will really marry Damini. Radha replies that the relation of marriage is not like a thread that it breaks with a little force, while this relation is of seven generations and Bihari jee himself has made this relation so even if he does not believe it, she still considers him as her husband. Kaveri is tensed. Radha explains this is why she is never going to leave her husband nor let anyone take her place. Mohan replies but he will never accept her as his bride, he explains from now on he would make her realize the mistake she has made, she will understand what is the consequence of deceiving him, he will inflict her so much pain that she will feel this injury is nothing compared to what he would do.

Radha exclaim he should give it since she knew this would happen but he does not know that she loves him greater then his hate, Mohan mentions she has seen a lot of hiss sides, a son who is not able to hear anything against his mother and can do anything for his daughter but Mohan is someone who cannot accept deception and ruins the life of that person, he threatens that now the end of Radha is near, he congratulates Radha on this marriage leaving, Gungun tries to stop him but Kadambari exclaims that it is enough for today, Gungun is worried about Radha when Kadambari informs that now she is going to stay with her as she cannot let be even more ill-mannered.
Damini stands in front of Radha asking her to see that she lost even after wining but she won even after losing, they say it is off destiny but today something happened which never happened before, Mohan accepted her whole heartedly and he himself called her as his bride, Radha mentions there is a lot of difference in being his wife or bring called it, she reveals she is the wife of Mohan while he is the outsider, Radha exclaims she even called herself by it, Damini raises her hand to slap Radha but she stops her which shocks Kaveri. Radha exclaims she should never try to make the same mistake again, she has even before stopped her but now she is Radha Mohan Trivedi and her strength has become twice, so she would not even understand when her hand breaks. Kaveri demands her to raise her hand, Radha says she is letting her go but they should know her strength, mental capability is a lot greater than them both and they both should know they live in her house. Damini replies Radha just has his name but she has his love, Radha replies he is just fulfilling his promise, Radha exclaims Damini should never think he loves her, Damini replies even then he considers her as his wife.

Damini accepts that Radha played a big game, but she should also accept she has lost the battle, Damini walks away while Kaveri also angrily stares at Radha.

Radha breathes a sigh of relief, Tulsi is worried about her. Radha turns back and starts weeping, she calls Bihari jee exclaiming she never thought she would be alone in this house even after being with the entire family, Tulsi says she is not alone and has the support of her for the rest of her life, Radha wipes of her tears.

Radha while walking into the room, remembers when her father exclaimed that his daughter has died for him today and he will even perform the Shrad today, Radha sits on the bed and is crying, thinking how Dadi said they are neither her family nor does that house belong to her, she refused to have anything to do with her even if she lives or dies. Radha wonders what she has done since it might be a mistake because of which everyone is against her while Gungun is just by her side. Radha calls Tulsi to come and show a sign if she is in this room, Radha requests her to talk with her once since she needs her help, Tulsi causes the car to fall on the floor. Radha asks if she is here, Tulsi causes it to move so Radha asks if she is by her side, Tulsi replies she is always with her. Radha explains she knows Tulsi cannot talk with her because of the promise which Mohan forced her to make, Radha explains she feels she has made a very big mistake because everyone is angry including Mohan and the rest of the family, Tulsi explains she knows it has become very difficult, but Radha has her Bihari jee. Tulsi wonders how she can talk with her.

Gungun enters the room after climbing the window, Gungun asks why she is crying because she got married, Radha explains what about all that has happened since everyone is angry with her. Gungun bringing the first aid box explains no one liked her the first time she came to this house and even she used to tease her a lot, Gungun explains but she made everyone like her as the time went by, Gungun advises her to also think of it like the starting of the game.

Radha asks Gungun how they are going to do it when everyone considers her as their enemy, Tulsi is also worried. Gungun thinks when Radha said they should read the Bhagwat Geeta whenever they face any problem, Gungun picks the Bhagwat Geeta and starts reading, she recites it to Radha explaining they should not think about the result but always do the right thing as even Bihari jee is always with them, Tulsi explains she was thinking how she will help her but forget that she has the support of Gungun. Gungun explains Radha is not alone as she always her support. Radha explains now she should seep as it very late, Gungun asks if Radha is also going to sleep here, Radha replies this is where she used to sleep. Gungun explains she is stupid because they tend to sleep with their husbands, Radha replies she should not talk like this at such a young age, and she even promises to stop her watching television. Gungun informs if Radha does not go to the room of Mohan, then Damini will reach before her, just like Malishka reached before Lakshmi. Radha is confused.

Precap: Mohan explains if she has even lost the mind which she had left, Gungun advises her to say she has come here to celebrate the Shuagrat with him, Mohan notices Gungun standing outside the room, he thinks of teaching her a lesson so acts as if he is ready to celebrate it with Radha.

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