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Bhargavi cries remembering her father’s bitter words towards her. Her mother tries to calm her down. Srinivas cries on the other side while getting treatment by vaidya/doctor. Govindraj asks if its paining more that he is crying. Srinivas thinks why he is crying. Bhargavi feels guilty for hurting her father. Mother asks where she had gone. Bhargavi describes whole incident. Mother asks if she met that young man. Bhargavi says no, but she met 2 troublesome boys instead. Mother asks her not to break her father’s trust again.

Vaidyta tells Srinivas that he should get treatment by some bigger vaidya. Govindraj says princess Padmavathi had offered him treatment by royal vaidya for free, but he didn’t go there. Srinivas says he doesn’t want treatment without fees, so he thinks this vaidya can treatment him better. He asks Govindraj to pay the vaidya. A man hears their conversation and informs Padmavathi who was waiting for Srinivas. She decides to meet Srinivas and orders to bring her palanquin.

Srinivas walks with great difficulty. Govindraj scolds him for losing all the savings in in treatment and brings banana for them with the last remaining coin. Srinivas says they should have banana and thank god, god will help them tomorrow. Padmavathi raches there in palanquin and insists Srinivas to accept her help as a token of her thanks. Srinivas agrees and accompanies her. He starts bleeding again. Padmavathi asks him to sit in palanquin, but he denies. She says she will also walk with him barefooted and walks under hot sun. Govindraj scolds him that princess is bearing pain because of him, so he should give up. Srinivas agrees to sit under palanquin with princess.

Bhargavi describes her friends the whole story and fumes on the 2 boys who fought with her. Princess shies sitting with Srinivas in palanquin. Srinivas feels she is falling in his love and prays god not to let that happen.

Precap: Srinivas continues to search Lakshmi. He finds Lakshmi as Bhargvi in rishi Bhrigu’s ashram. Bhargavi promises Bhrigu that she will not get out of the house again.

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