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Bhargavi tells her friend that a dancer who won the competition deserves respect as he danced whole night till his feet bled. Srinivas while getting treatment by royal vaidya says he feels relieved now and says if someone prays for him by heart, his wounds will heal soon. Padmavathi says he is right, then says they are all praying for his speedy recovery. Srinivas thinks he should think first before saying anything in front of princess. Vaidya says he came here late and should need a long treatment. Govindraj says he is right. Vaidya says he should stay back till his wounds heal and asks princess to convince him. Padmavathi says she promised Srinivas not to stop him and asks Srinivas where is he from as he doesn’t seem to be from Venkatgiri, who is his guru and how did he learn just a mesmerizing dance.

Prince’s aide Bala hears their conversation and thinks of informing about it to prince Vasudev. Vasudev tries jewelry and asks Daimaa how does he look. Daimaa says very handsome. Bala enters and asks why don’t she look happy the way she was watching an unknown dancer. Vasudev warns him to mind is tongue. Bala says that young man is magical that every person in Venkatgiri is getting mad behind him incluing princess Padmavathi who took him to royal hospital in her palanquin. Bala gets angry and storms out to punish Srinivas.

Srinivas tries to leave royal hospital when Vasude enters and pushes him down and warns how dare he is to misuse princess’ favors and sit with princes sin palanquin. Srinvias says he ddin’t want to come here, but princess forced him to. Vasudev gets more angry and tries to hit him. Padmavati stops him and says they should serve the guests from other states. Srinivas gives prince some moral gyaan. Prince tries to throw a vase on him. Padmavathi stops him and says Srinivas will stay with them till he gets well. Prince thinks of taking revenge from Srinivas, acts as accepting his mistake, apologizes Srinivas, and requests him to work in Natraj temple and get monthly salary from royal exchequer. Srinivas tries to reject, but Govindraj thanks princea nd takes Srinivas from there. Srinivas thinks he is eager to know Laksmi’s name in this life.

Rishi Bhrigu feels guilty for scolding Bhargavi and thinks Bhargavi is Lakshmi who doesn’t know her true identity, he shouldn’t have done that. Bhargavi feels said for disobeying Bhrigu. Bhrigu walks towards Bhargavi when he gets a invite from king and visits him. King gives him Padmavathi’s kundali/horoscope and asks him to find a suitable match for her son. Bhrigu agrees and thinks even Bhargavi is of marriage age now, but he cannot let her go away from his house. Srinivas finds Govindraj asleep and thinks of meeting Lakshmi. Lakshmi thinks why she prepared butter today.

Precap: Bhrigu checks Padmavathi’s kundali and is surprised to know Bhargavi and Padmavathi’s kundalis same, thinks they both should marry in same wedding muhurath. He thinks he should find a ghar jamai/son-in-law who can stay at home with him after marriage. Srinivas thinks the world will see what he can do to get Bhargavi.

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