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Srinivas feels hungry and hopes he gets a butter from somewhere. He notices a cart passing by and asks its driver if he saw a beautiful woman with long hair and a single tress around. Driver says every woman in Venkatgiri looks same. He enquires others who suggest him to search in the morning. He thinks they are right, he should search for Lakshmi in the temple. He hears Lakshmi/Bhargavi’s anklet sound nd reaches her house where he notices her watering plants. Bhargavi smiles and says baba came. Srinivas hides seeing Bhrigu coming. Once they leave, he comes out and thinks he will not go from here until he finds out Lakshmi’s name in this life.

Lakshmi serves food to Bhrigu. Bhrigu looks angry at her. His wife serves him food. Srinivas watches that and thinks if they speak to each other, he can find out names. Mother asks Bhargavi to have food as she didn’t have food since morning. Bhrigu calls her Bhargavi and asks her why didn’t she have food. Srinivas hears the name and repeats Bhargavi. Bhargavi tells Bhrigu that that she will not have food until he forgives her and promises not to step out of house without his permission. Srinivas thinks Lakshmi’s hobby of promising hasn’t gone even in this life, they separated because of her promise. Bhrigu says he is alive because of her and he loves her immensely, he never can see tears in her eyes, etc. She serves him butter. He feeds her and pampers her. Srinivas thinks Bhrigu and him both love Bhargavi equally and want to be with her, he will make sure Bhrigu himself marries Bhargavi to him and not find out his trusty identity. He thinks he will make sure Bhargavi falls in his love.

Padmavathi recalls Srinivas and feels shy. She thinks she wants to know each detail about Srinivas as she fell in his love. Her father walks in and says her face is glowing with shy as if she wants to tell something. Padmavathi says she is not hiding anything. Father gets emotional and informs her that he is planning for her marriage and gave her kundali/horoscope to Bhrigu to find a wedding muhurath for her. Bhrigu checks Padmavathi’s kundali and is surprised to notice its a replica of Bhargavi’s kundali. Padmavathi tells father that she doesn’t want to marry so soon. Father says every daughter wants to stay with her father, but they have to follow the rules of nature and get her married to someone. He gives her an option to have swayamvar.

Padmavathi feels happy and thinks she will marry a best dancer in the world Srinivas and wans to know what is in Srinivas’ mind. Srinivas thinks Sri is in his mind. She thinks she will send him a letter and find out what is in his mind. Srinivas thinks he can do anything to get Bhargavi.

Bhargavi tells her friends that she promised her baba that she will not get out of her house without his permission. Mother informs her that someone left a gift for her. She rushes out and finds her favorite flower garland. Srinivas peeps from behind the tree.

Precap: Bhrigu informs that Padmavathi and Bhargavi’s kundalis are same and they will marry in same wedding muhurath, he cannot let Narayan reach Bhargavi and hence will find a boy who can be his ghar jamai.

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