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Govindraj serves lunch to Srinivas. Srinivas says he wants to talk about Bhargavi before that. Govindraj asks if Bhrigu is happy with him or not. Srinivas says Bhrigu is happy, but how will Bhrigu get his daughter married in a house which doesn’t have any room or kitchen and is just a store room. He says he doesn’t have a proper job or food to feed Bhargavi, then how will he keep her happy. Govindraj also feels concerned and decides to meet king to seek help for Srinivas.

Govindraj requests senapati to let him meet the king once. Senapati takes king’s permission and informs him. Padmavati notices Govindraj and tries to speak to him. He says he is going to meet the king. She asks reason. He ays he can’t and walks towards courtyard. She spies on him.

King informs Vasu that Govindraj wants to meet him. Vasu says he shouldn’t meet a mere servant and should let senapati handle him. King says Govindraj works in his favorite temple and Srinivas works for Bhrigu, so he will meet Govindraj personally. Srinivas on the other side visits a shop where the shop owner gives him a seashell and says he can hear the sound of ocean in it. Srinivas listens to the sound and recalls Bhrigu’s wish to let Lakshmi be born as his daughter. He thinks how to convince Bhrigu to return Lakshmi to him.

Govindraj meets king and tells him that he is worried regarding Srinivas’ marriage as any father wouldn’t like to get his daughter married to a man who doesn’t have a house or wealth, so he wants to request king to offer Srinivas a small house and some wealth. Padmavati hears the conversation, walks to them and says she will help Govindraj. King permits her. Vasu asks Padmavati if she knows whom Srinivas is marrying. Padmavati questions Govindraj who remembers Srinivas’ requests not to inform anyone about his and Bhargavi’s love story. He says even he doesn’t know. Padmavati gets restless and thinks she should direct question Srinivas and walks to him.

Precap: Srinivas tells Vasu that Bhrigu has given wrong time of Padmavati’s marriage. Bala informs same to Bhrigu and says king is calling him. Bhrigu warns Bhargavi to pray that Srinivas knows astrology or else it would be his last day on the earth.

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