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Holi colors turn black when Radha’s tears fal on them. Krishna turns them back to normal with a clasp of his fingers. He walks Radha. Mahadev notices devi Gauri sad and says just like Krishna cannot see Radha sad, even he cannot see his Gauri sad. Devi Gauri asks him not to worry about her as she will be fine once Radha gets fine. Mahadev thinks he doesn’t know to please Gauri like Kanha pleases Radha. Krishna wipes Radha’s tears. Radha says she is sad as he tried his best to please his family women by helping his family men draw rangoli, but his family misunderstood and blamed him for her sadness. She says she can’t be happy until his 4 family women don’t apologize him.

Krishna senses an upcoming problem. Guru Shukracharya asks his disciple to note down all the troubles Krishna faced and describes each of them since Krishna’s birth. Radha prays Devi Gauri and senses Devi is sad. Kanha asks her to accompany him if her prayers are over. She accompanies him. He shows fixed rangoli and says he cannot see her sad. Rangolli spoils again with Shukracharya’s magic. Radha feels sad and leaves. Krishna realizes Shukracharya is behind all this and thinks he lets Shukracharya succeed in his plan, then he won’t be able to please women of his family.

Krishna thinks he found a solution for this problem. Radha plucks flowers recalling Revati, Rukmini, and other women criticizing Krishna. Krishna walks to her and says Mahadev is tensed as Devi Parvati is sad, he needs to help Mahadev somehow. He says Devi Parvati likes white flowers. Radha thinks she needs to take these flowers to Devi Parvati and find reason for her sadness. Mahadev visits Balram and discusses about Devi Parvati sad and he doesn’t know how to please her. Balram says if his condition is like that, what about them. Krishna walks in and invites Mahadev to have food with them. Mahadev agrees.

Radha meets Devi Gauri and asks if she is sad because of Mahadev. Devi Gauri says she is sad because Radha is sad. Radha says she is sad as people critize her and Krishna’s relationship and she wants everyone to accept them. She suggests Devi Gauri to watch Mahadev’s Nataraj avatar’s dance and feel happy. Devi Gauri agrees and thanks him. Krishna suggests Mahadev to return to Kailash as Devi Parvati must be waiting for him and seems happy. Mahadev agree and disappears saying if Parvati is still sad, he will return to seek Krishna’s advice. Shukracharya plans to separate Radha and Krishna. Krishna gets tensed hearing that.

Precap: Krishna asks Balram to gather everyone as they all will watch Mahadev’s dance. Mahadev dances and pleases Devi Gauri.

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