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Radha asks her friends to let her feed kheer to Krishna. Krishna says let them feed him and says kheer feels so tasty from their hands. Radha feels jealous and thinks she will teach them a lesson soon. She walks to Yashoda and serves her. Yashoda blesses her to be happy always and may god fulfill all her dreams. Radha thinks she wants to marry Krishna this time and permanently shift to Yashoda’s house.

Akroor fears Kans’ wrath when Kans learns that Krishna killed Bakasur. Queens Asthi and Prapti return from their parental home. Asthi tells Kans has gone for hunting and asks she wants to know how Bakasur killed Krishna. Akroor reveals that Krishna killed Bakasur instead. Prapti gets happy hearing that and says she heard Krishna is a very healthy man. Asthi gets angry on her and warns her to stop praising her husband’s enemy. She says she will go and inform Kans about Bakasur’s death and demand him to kill Krishna as she doesn’t like lost kings. Akroor requests her to let him go and give this news to Kans. Asthi agrees.

Radha notices ashta sakhis/8 friends walking towards Krishna’s house and asks reason for visiting Krishna early morning Astha sakhis inform that they are going on an excursion and Krishna promised to walk holding the best looking Astha sakhis’s hand. Radha thinks she will go holding Krishna’s hand and says she will perform their makeup. Astha sakhis agree. Krishna meets Balram after a long conversation requests him to invite Mahadev for a celebration.

Akroor meets Kans and informs him about Bakasur’s death. Radha performs Astha sakhis’ makeup. Krishna returns and stands stunned seeing their makeup. Astha sakhis remind him about their excursion. Krishna says they can go some other time. Radha insists to take them right now. Astha sakhis ask who look beautiful among them. Krishna says Radha.

Precap: Radha tells Krishna that she has found a solution to calm down everyone and plans Radha Krishna’s raas/dance.

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