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Krishna enjoys feast. Balram asks what happened to him, Radha is sad and all other women don’t want to participate in the navratri celebration as Radha is sad. Krishna asks him to relax and arrange a sabha/public meeting as something special will happen soon. Mahadev returns to Kailash and feels happy seeing Devi Gauri Happy. He tells Devi Gauri that he knows she is not angry on him and wants something from him. Devi Gauri asks him to show his dance. Mahadev says he would be too tired and would sleep for a decade after a dance. Devi Gauri asks if he will not dance for her then. He says he will definitely dance for her. Krishna tells Balram that he feels Mahadev will dance and entertain us all.

Shukracharya continues to find ways to kill Krishna. He calls Rahu and Ketu. They both discuss that Shukracharya wants to know a way to kill Krishna. Krishna’s sabha gathers. Krishna announces Mahadev’s dance. Mahadev dances in sky. Everyone feel elated seeing Mahadev’s dance. Rukmini and Radha think they are sure Krishna has organized this dance and Mahadev is dancing to please Devi Gauri. Krishna thinks Mahadev’s pleasure dance is making all the women happy.

Shukracharya’s aide suggests him to spoil Mahadev’s dance to take revenge from Krishna. Shukracharya says he is Mahadev’s devotees and will not spoil Mahadev’s dance, he will a very dangerous asur Apasmar’s help. Rahu and Ketu discuss that they need to take revenge from Narayan, but can’t until Shukracharya calls them. They discuss about Shukracharya taking an asur’s help first. Mahadev continues dancing and spreads colors in the world. Everyone feel happy. Krishna hopes love wins in all this. Radha recalls her love for Krishna and runs to him smiling. Krishna asks why she is smiling now while she was sad some time ago. Radha says she recalled all the loving memories between them. Krishna says this is a magic of Mahadev’s dance which is spreading love and knowledge in the universe.

Balram gets emotional seeing Revati happy. Revati asks why is he crying. Balram says he realized how she makes him happy always and howmuch she respects him, so he has decided to immensely love and respect her. Revati happily hugs him. Radha tells Krishna that she now realized that he wanted to make all the women happy. Krishna agrees and says he senses an unknown upcoming trouble.

Precap: Shukracharya wakes up Apasmar from sleep.
Krishna senses that.

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