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Bhargavi tells her friends that she will get a signal about the person who sent her flowers for sure. Padmavathi asks Srinivas to stay back for sometime, but he denies and tries to leave. Govindraj walks to him angrily and then walks away. Srinivas thinks why he looks so angrily and asks reason from him. He thinks he will be more delayed now to meet Bhargavi.

Bhargavi continues questioning florists about the person who bought flowers for her. Florists say those are exotic flowers that are difficult to found. Vasudev walks towards Rishi Bhrigu’s house thinking he should find out what Bhrigu ad Srinivas are planning. He clashes with Bhargavi. Her flowers fall down. She scolds him to watch carefully while walking. Her friends inform her that he is prince Vasudev and inform Vasudev that she is rishi Bhargavi’s daughter. Vasu gets smitten by her beauty. Friend inform that Bhargavi is searching for a man who sent her these exotic flowers. Vasu liles that he sent them to her and makes florist also lies. He buys more flowers for her and walks behind her. Friends taunt Bhargavi that prince is her admirer. Bhargavi says she doesn’t know if he is a good human or not.

Govindraj packs his clothes to leave angry on Srinivas. Srinivas asks him reason. Govindraj says he cannot see him ignoring Padmavathi and being away all the time. Srinivas says Padmavathi’s life is in danger as her brother wants to kill him. Govindraj calms down and feels worried for Padmavathi.

Vasu visits Bhrigu’s house and apologizes him for his misbehavior. King offers him to have lunch and go. Vasu excuses saying he has important work to finish. Srinivas rushes in to cook food and apologizes for being late. Vasu asks what is he doing here. Bhrigu says he is teaching dance to Bhargavi and is also a talented cook. Vasu says he will have Vasu’s prepared food and will reward him if he likes his prepared food. Srinivas says a person’s smile after having his prepared food is his reward and goes to kitchen to prepare food. Bhargavi walks to him and informs that Vasu is the one who sent her flowers and admires her. Srinivas feels sad seeing her praising Vasu. He takes food out. Vasu clashes with him busy in talk, and food falls down. Vasu brutally humiliates him. Srinivas apologizes him, cleans the floor, and returns to kitchen. Khyati comforts him.

Precap: Vasu humiliates Srinivas. Bhargavi asks Srinivas if he wants to say something. Srinivas walks away sadly thinking his Sri didn’t identify him and trusted a stranger instead.

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