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Rishi Bhrigu notices Bhargavi’s footsteps and recalls Bhargavi’s wish to watch princess Padmavati’s program. He thinks if Bhargavi leaves him, whole brahmin society will be wealthless, so he will not let Bhargavi leave him or realize that she is Lakshmi. Narayan in his Srinivas avatar writes Sri on the trees. His brother Govindraj asks him where is he going and why is he writing sri on trees. Srinivas says where there is Sri, there is Srinivas. He says Govindraj will not understand this in this life. They watch the city from the mountain. Govindraj says it looks to be a beautiful city. Srinvias says he knows. Govindraj says he is acting as if he has visited this city and warns him not to make any mistake here or else they will be in trouble; he says they came to this city to establish themselves here and make a make for themselves with their work.

Srinivas says he has come here instead searching his soulmate and remembers Lakshmi. Bhargavi washes her feet in the river and senses Srinvas’ presence. Govindraj asks Srinvas whom he is talking about. Srinvas says one who is close to his heart and he doesn’t know her yet, but she is very close to his heart.

Princess Pradmavati/Rukmini’s avatar visits courtyard for her dance performance. She prays Natraj and says dance is just an entertainment for the world, but its a prayer for her and she shows her performance after praying Natraj. She orders to start the competition. Mahadev dances in Kailash. Devi Gauri says he is getting involved too much in Radha Krishna’s story. Mahadev says his Aradya wants him to be the story writer and creator of Lakshmi Narayan, Radha Krishna, Bhargavi Srinivas’ story.

Srinivas practices a song. Govindraj says he cannot understand his song a bit and says they should do something as they are hungry and should find a job soon. Srinivas asks him to sell his gold and buy food for them. Govindraj says its a fake gold and he is wearing it to impress the businessmen in this city. Srinivas says they should enjoy the food of this place and he will reveal the secrets of this place. They visit a shop. Govindraj warns him that he needs secret information about this city in return of food or else he will punish him. Srinivas jokes.

Bhargavi’s friends visit her. She asks how was Padmavati’s dance performance. They say its till going and insist her to accompany them. She fears rishi Bhrigu and denies to get out of house. They say her father will not find out that she went out and asks her to come out soon. Govindraj buys food for Srinivas. Srinivas finishes food and says it was very tasty. Govindraj asks him to reveal the secret about this city now. Srinivas says they will visit a place where many beautiful girls are present. Govindraj asks where will they find so many girls in one place. Shopkeeper says Srinivas is right, there is a dance competition between women in Natraj temple, but men are not allowed. Govindraj scolds Srinivas. Srinivas says let us go and check there and thinks he is sure he will get his Sri there.

Precap: Srinivas visits Natraj temple and thinks he is sure Radha will come there. Radha senses someone calling her runs towards temple.
Srinvas dances waiting for her.

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