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Padmavati tells Srinivas that she is taking him to a beautiful place and is sure that he will like it. She thinks he belongs to only her and she will not let Bhargavi back in his life. Srinivas thinks she is wrong to think like that and cannot get his love with a trick, only Bhargavi stays in his heart always.

Bhargavi heads towards rich woman Aayi’s house hoping to convince Aayi for Gauri and Shankar’s wedding. Uma and Gauri while mopping floor hopes Bhargavi comes soon to convince Aayi. Aayi walks in and yelling at hem both performs pooja. Bhargavi knocks door. Aayi gets angry seeing Bhargavi at her door, humiliates her, and shuts the door on her face warning to never return again. Bhargavi seeks Srinivas’ help to convince Aayi for Gauri and Shankar’s marriage. Bhargavi knows the door again and tells Aayi that she can humiliate her but let Gauri marry Shankar. Aayi humiliates her again and warns Gauri and Usha that she will kick them out of the Karveerpur. Gauri pleads Aayi not to do that and asks Bhargavi to go from there.

Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Aayi is humiliating Devi Laxmi and doesn’t really know what love means. Bhargavi tells Aayi that she doesn’t know the god Aayi prays, but all gods love their partners and support love, so Aayi is doing a sin by not letting Gauri and Shankar united. Aayi accepts her mistake and agrees for Gauri Shankar’s wedding. She asks Gauri to call her parents and Shankar for the wedding. Gauri thanks Bhargavi for convincing Aayi.

Srinivas thinks Bhargavi has to bear a lot and she doesn’t know what is in store for her.
Bhargavi returns to temple and thanks Narayan for listening to her prayers and says she feels Srinivas is always with her. She imagines meeting Srinivas at their usual place and spending quality time with him. Srinivas also imagines same. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that she is happy seeing Bhargavi happy. She hopes Gauri and Shankar unite as per Bhargavi’s wish. Mahadev says its up to his Aradhya Narayan whether he wants Gauri and Shankar to unite or not. Srinivas thinks Bhargavi will face hardships now.

Precap: Bhargavi breaks her promise and humiliates Bhargavi again pointing at her character. Srinivas determines to prove that his and Bhargavi’s relationship is of many lives and pious.

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