Rae Bareli: Demonstration of Congress workers, scuffle with police, now Section 144 is applicable

UP News: Congressmen protested against the interrogation of Rahul Gandhi. Outside the Congress office, a large number of police forces stopped the Congressmen inside, but after some time, the Congress became furious and proceeded breaking the barricading of the police. Raising slogans, the Congressmen also shoved the police administration. After much effort, the policemen deployed in large numbers overpowered the Congressmen. At present, the police lost their sweat in controlling the Congressmen. Whose section 144 was implemented in Tilak Bhawan area of ​​Raebareli. 

These officers took over the front
Congressmen protested in front of Tilak Bhawan in protest against the interrogation of Rahul Gandhi by the ED. While marching from Tilak Bhawan, he was preparing to go to the District Magistrate’s office. Then a large number of police forces along with CO City Vandana Singh, City Magistrate Pallavi Mishra, Executive Officer Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh and City Kotwal Raghavan Kumar barricaded all around. The most important thing was to see that the fire department’s car and bulldozer were also found standing inside the barricading. To spread the fear, the bulldozer kept coming slowly from one corner to the other, but the dam of patience of the Congressmen was finally broken. They all gathered in the Halla Bol protest raising slogans.

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Congressmen’s demonstration
During this, dozens of Congressmen unitedly ran towards the hospital square, scuffled and clashed with the besieged police, the Congressmen crossed the barricading and started running ahead. Raising slogans like Rahul Gandhi Sher Hai,  Congress Party Zindabad, Congressmen performed tremendously. On the other hand, CO City Vandana and City Kotwal Raghavan Kumar Singh stopped the furious Congressmen after making a lot of effort. As soon as the policemen stopped the Congressmen, everyone sat on the middle of the road and started saying that even if you want to use sticks, run them. After much persuasion and the arrival of Additional District Magistrate Amit Kumar and taking the memorandum, the matter was resolved.

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