Rahu Transit 2022: Transit of Rahu can give trouble to Gemini people in terms of money, know your horoscope

Rahu Transit 2022 : Rahu’s zodiac change is going to be important for Gemini people. Rahu’s zodiac sign is changing on 12th April. In which cases the transit of Rahu is going to give auspicious and inauspicious results for you, let us know-

Wealth, health will have to be given attention
Rahu  The expenses of Gemini people will increase, it is necessary to be conscious about health as Rahu is the planet of infection. Due to which your health expenses may increase. There is also a need to take utmost care of the health of the family members. There may be loss of money due to the influence of Rahu till April. A sudden increase in expenses will cause your financial crisis. 

Keep an eye on the rivals in the office
There will be a hindrance in every work at the workplace. It will be very important for you at this time to be vigilant from opponents in the office. The business class should work keeping a close eye on their rival. They can adopt the way you work, due to which you may have to face heavy losses. Can travel abroad. There will be an opportunity to go abroad due to work. During this time you will be away from your family. Due to which there will be an increase in mental stress. At this time, Rahu will help you in getting success in whatever work or purpose you will put in. Work in harmony with your boss and colleagues in the office, because Rahu can create a conspiracy-like situation. Due to which it will have a deep impact on your image as well as may create obstacles in promotion. 

Remedy: Donating black urad on Saturday will be favorable to deal with negative situations and reduce their wrath.

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