Rahu Transit 2022: Transit of Rahu is going to give relief to Taurus from troubles, obstacles and loss, will get success in job

Rahu Transit 2022 In Aries, Taurus Horoscope: Rahu is considered beneficial for the people of Taurus. Because Rahu is friends with Venus, the lord of Taurus. The influence of Rahu is very much received in Kali Yuga. Each planet has its own nature, nature, movement and effect. If Rahu comes on giving, then it gives immense wealth and if it gives negative effect, then it can spoil the condition. Rahu was still in Taurus. But on 12th April 2022, Rahu will transit from Taurus to Aries. Know Horoscope –

deception can be found in friendship
According to the nature of Rahu, when it comes in contact with inauspicious expressions, it causes conspiracy against the person. Therefore, do not blindly trust friends and close ones in any matter, because excessive trust can cause a big problem. If any conversation or work is going on with friends and relatives, then keep checking them in between so that your superstition does not become overwhelming. This is the time to be especially careful by identifying the enemies hidden in your loved ones, but you are advised to be alert only without taking stress from it. Because if you take stress then your mental state will not be able to be peaceful. Due to which the work may have to be interrupted.

Chanakya Niti : ‘Adhityedam yathshastram naro janati sattamah’ is the secret of success hidden in Chanakya’s verse

Keep married life free from stress
Take a good relationship with your life partner. There will be slight tension, but soon you will be able to get rid of it. You may get rid of some problems to a large extent in the coming month. 

luck will increase, the situation is made of profit
your long pending work can be completed.  Rahu will provide success in  sector  of livelihood. It’s time for luck. Office or business area will be beneficial. You will be able to impress people with your attractive nature at this time. Rahu is going to bring progress to the people associated with the marketing sector. You will feel like working, your hard work will also pay off. Your happy nature is the key to success, due to which your prestige will increase. Brothers and friends will be seen cooperating at every step when needed. If any property related deal is going on, then it will be successful in taking decision on it, which will also benefit in future.

Remedy: Keep a dog of black color and feed it daily. Feeding the last roti made at home to the dog will prove to be very auspicious for you.

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