Rahul-Kamal Nath election Hindu, know what Madhya Pradesh Home Minister said

BJP On Kamal Nath: Politics has heated up over the temple-shaped birthday cake of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and Congress state president Kamal Nath. After coming under the target of CM Shivraj Singh Chahuan, now Home Minister Narottam Mishra has launched a verbal attack. While attacking Kamal Nath, Narottam Mishra has also taken a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. The Home Minister has described Kamal Nath and Rahul Gandhi as electoral Hindus. He said, whenever elections come, these people remember the temple. These people are electoral Hindus.

Narottam Mishra said that cutting such a cake by Kamal Nath reminds of Mohammad Ghori and Mahmud Ghaznavi who destroyed temples. He said that they claim to belong to Sanatan Dharma and make birthday cake of Hanuman ji’s idol and break it into pieces. He said this shows the mentality of Kamal Nath and insult of Hindu religion will not be tolerated.

Insulted Hindu religion- Narottam Mishra

Narottam In the meantime, Mishra attacked Rahul Gandhi and said that during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul did not visit any temple, but as soon as he came to Madhya Pradesh, he created a new controversy of religion. These people are misusing religion which will not be accepted.

Kamal Nath should apologize – BJP

On the other hand, on behalf of Congress on this whole issue Has issued a statement saying that the BJP is afraid of the success of the Bharat Jodo Yatra, that’s why it is raising such things. Actually, on Wednesday 16 November, a video was seen in which Kamal Nath is seen cutting a cake. This cake was in the shape of a temple on which the picture of Hanuman was made. BJP has called it an insult to Hinduism. Also demanded an apology from Kamal Nath.

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