Rain increased trouble in these districts of Bastar, cut off connectivity of rural areas with main roads

Bastar Rain News: Flood caused by heavy rains in some districts of Bastar division has increased the problems of the people. Especially the areas adjoining Sukma’s Konta, Bijapur and Narayanpur’s Abujhmad have been cut off from the main roads. Due to the disconnection of the main roads, people are facing many problems. People are finding it difficult to meet their livelihood, education and most of all health related needs. River drains are in spate in the interior areas. The government has not constructed a bridge culvert to connect the villagers with the main roads.

There is compulsion to take patients to Kanwar

Seriously ill patients are being forced to take them to rural Kanwar. Villagers have to walk for miles due to non-availability of ambulance facilities. In Kanwar, pregnant women and patients suffering from other diseases are being taken to the health center. Overall, the rain has become a disaster for the villagers. The health facility system has collapsed due to rain.

Ambulance not reaching interior areas

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Lack of facility in Naxal-affected areas

People say that due to heavy rains, river drains come in spate. Many villages are cut off from the main road. In such a situation, even basic facilities and services are not available to the people. The biggest problem is health services. Apart from seasonal diseases, diseases like malaria, dengue spread during the rainy season. Many times the health staff is not able to reach due to the road being cut and many times people also die due to lack of treatment.

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