Raj Kumar used to forget the dialogues after seeing Meena Kumari, the dacoit was also a fan of Tragedy Queen

Tragedy Queen Meena Kumari Biography: Your feet are very beautiful to see, do not put them on the ground, they will become dirty. If this dialogue fits, then it is Bollywood tragedy queen Meena Kumari. Cinderella or Tragedy Queen, both these names are Meena Kumari. People still like to watch Meena’s films. She often played tragic characters in films. Seeing her, people often used to say that this is her love, her Cinderella, her heart’s peace, the fairy of dreams and the nymph of reality. Meena Kumari’s real name was Mehjabeen Bano. He was born on 1 August 1932 in Mumbai (then Bombay).

Majboori worked in films in childhood

did not know anyone in the film industry

His struggle in films was not taking the name of ending. Meena Kumari had neither a godfather nor any relative in the industry. If anything, the compulsion to work in films to run the household, as well as his amazing acting talent.

hard work paid off

Accident happened during the film

How to break left hand finger

Pakeezah was her special film for Meena

Many films were specially made for Meena Kumari only. In which there is also a film Pakeezah. It took almost 14 years to make the film Pakeezah. Kamal Amrohi, the director of the film, even put rose water in the fountains for a scene in the film. These fountains were made exactly like the fountains near the Taj Mahal. Meena Kumari had designed all her costumes in this film. This was his last film. The name of the film Pakeezah was once changed to ‘Lahu Pukarega’ in the middle, but things did not work out, so Kamal again renamed the film as Pakeezah. 

Raj Kumar was floored

hijacked by bandits

Famous Dialogue

This famous dialogue from the film Pakeezah ‘Aapke feet deke very beautiful, don’t let them land on the ground, malay ho jayega’ was not part of the script of the film earlier, but Kamal Amrohi remembered this dialogue when he remembered it during the film Pakeezah of Chanderibai. Chanderibai was a famous tawaif at that time. Whenever Kamal used to go to the kotha to see his dance, he often used to see his feet, because Chanderi Bei used to wave his feet, seeing which Kamal Amrohi used to have only these lines in his mind that your feet are very beautiful to see, Don’t put them on the ground, they will become dirty.  

Meena’s film career

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