Rajasthan: After four years there will be legal mining of gravel in these places in 2221 hectare area

Rajasthan News: The arbitrariness of the gravel mafia will now be stopped soon. After four years, the Supreme Court has allowed the valid lease holders to mine gravel after due process. In Ajmer, Pali and Bhilwara districts, the government has given permission to the LOI holders for gravel mining in an area of ​​2221 hectares. Due to the legal mining of about 500 dumper gravel from these districts every day, the arbitrariness of the mafia will be curbed and people will not be compelled to buy gravel at the asking price. Along with this, the government will also get a revenue of Rs 19 crore annually.

ACB took action just two days ago
A few days ago in Beawar Mineral Engineer area, Anti-Corruption Bureau Ajmer team arrested Babra police post in-charge Bhagchand for illegal mining of gravel 40 Was caught taking bribe of Rs. It is alleged that in lieu of doing business of filling gravel with dumpers and tractors from the field, asked for 50 thousand rupees monthly.

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A look at gravel mining
Since when was the ban on 16 November 2017 Approval received
Sanctioned in Beawar Jurisdiction-1677 hectares
Sanctioned in Bhilwara Jurisdiction-544.03 hectares
Prohibition on illegal mining and black marketing of gravel
How much income to the government will be Rs.19 crores
Annual production of gravel – 40 million tonnes

In the revenue limit of Raipur tehsil of Pali district, the mineral gravel area coming out (according to measles) from Gair Mumkin river, drains, spears in favor of Nand Pushkar resident Jaswant Singh is 1677 hectares. Letter of Intent (LOI-Letter of Intent) for Mining Lease Sanction issued in the year 2013. Environment clearance was received on 24 December 2016 from the Ministry of Forest and Environment. Mining work stopped from the very next day after the order to stop gravel mining from 16 November 2017. The lessee submitted a replacement study and submitted an application on February 11, 2022, to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change on February 3, 2022, obtaining a new environmental consent. In such a situation, about 12 lakh tonnes of gravel can be legally mined annually in Raipur area.

In favor of Vikramaditya Rathod, resident of Shikhrani-Ajmer, there is an area of ​​544.03 hectares in the revenue villages of tehsil Hurda of Bhilwara and in the revenue villages of Masuda tehsil of Ajmer. The LOI holder obtained the mining lease of Bajri for a period up to 22nd December 2018. After stopping gravel mining from 2017 on the order of the Supreme Court, on 3 February 2022, a new environmental consent was obtained and an application was submitted. The government increased the duration of the mining lease for 13 months and 6 days with conditions in accordance with the raise-non period period in the Supreme Court and the SLP and others passed by the High Court on November 11, 2021. The Hurda region will produce 28 lakh tonnes of gravel annually.

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