Rajasthan: Ashok Gehlot said – how long will BJP do politics of religion, due to inflation in the country

Rajasthan News: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot attended a budget workshop with civil societies at Birla Auditorium on Monday. During this, he fiercely took on the central government. He accused the BJP of doing politics of religion. CM said that there is an outcry in the country due to inflation and unemployment and for how long will you (BJP) do politics of religion.

Questions raised on Agneepath plan
CM Gehlot further said, "If I meet the Prime Minister, I will say that Prime Minister you learn to love civil societies, you will feel bliss, it will tell you the truth. You talk so much in speeches. Today the whole world is seeing that politics of one religion is happening in India. This has started happening openly, so I am worried millions of people are worried." Along with this, CM Gehlot has targeted PM Modi and the central government regarding Agneepath. He said that Agneepath will be the biggest joke of this year. Four years job and then sit at home. Jawans will be retired in 22 years, now two years have been increased to 24 years.

Return to real issues  
The Chief Minister said, "There is no debate in Parliament nowadays, no one is being allowed to speak. The youth have been threatened that if the protest is held and the police case happens, then they will not give a job in Agniveer." CM further said, "There is no democracy, provoke it in the name of religion and caste, this is happening. Till when will you do politics in the name of religion, food will go to people’s stomach, then hunger will end, one day we will have to return to the real issues. Inflation and unemployment in the country has created an outcry."

‘PM did not even appeal for peace’
He further said, "Appealed to clap thali in Corona, now appeal for peace. People will listen to you in the path you have adopted. You have decided that if you want to do politics of religion openly, then at least say that violence will not be tolerated."

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