Rajasthan Corona Update: Corona spreading in Rajasthan, cases in July raised concern

Rajasthan Corona News: Corona virus infection is spreading continuously. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is constantly expressing concern about the infection of Corona and is also appealing to the common people that the infection of Corona is not gone yet. In the month of August, due to the religious festivals of Muharram, Rakshabandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, there will be a crowded atmosphere in the markets regarding shopping fellow students union units elections in Rajasthan are also to be held in this month

Vaccination being done on war footing
Vaccination for prevention of corona virus infection After first and second free vaccination done on war footing, now the government has also made Precaution Rose free regarding this. Also, the health department is constantly making people aware and precautions are being put in place.

These 8 districts have maximum number of patients
Corona is spreading rapidly in 8 districts of Rajasthan. Talking about the latest cases, so many patients infected with corona virus are available in these districts. Jaipur 1606, Jodhpur 1078, Bikaner 528, Alwar 342, Udaipur 318, Bhilwara 213, Sirohi 204, infected patients are present. Those who are undergoing treatment. The recovery weight is also very good according to the experts because the corona infection is not so fatal after the common people become a nation.

This year, from January to July, the figures of corona virus infection and death are as follows, take a look at it too.

month                      infected                 Death

January 2022             250194                 304
February 2022             73395                   269
March 2022                 3170                     15
April 2022               679                       00
May 2022                  2098                      05
June 2022                 2677                      08
July 2022             5837                      15

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