Rajasthan Education: Government schools with low enrollment will be merged, Gehlot government has decided

Rajasthan News: On one hand, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is opening English schools to improve the level of education in the state, while on the other hand, preparations are being made to merge government schools with less enrollment. The government is soon going to merge those schools which have enrollment from one to 25. Bikaner Directorate of Education has sought information from all the districts for this. Teachers organizations including MP Kirori Lal Meena have expressed displeasure over this decision.

Crisis on more than 10 thousand schools
Most of the schools in the state are such that the enrollment of students is very less. Most of such schools are in rural areas. Right now there are more than ten thousand such schools, in which enrollment is only from 1 to 25. Under the new scheme, all these schools can be merged. If this happens then the posts of teachers will also be abolished along with the schools.

Level of education may decrease
By merging schools with low enrollment in villages, rural children will have to go far away from the village to study in a big school. Due to lack of means of transport in many villages, it will not be possible for children to go to school. In such a situation, children will not be able to go to school and their studies will be affected. The level of education in villages will decrease due to dropout of children and deprivation of education.

MP Meena expressed displeasure
BJP MP Kirori Lal Meena has raised questions on the Gehlot government over the decision taken regarding government schools. He says that education in Rajasthan is completely affected. The posts of teachers are vacant in government schools. Education is getting affected due to the shortage of teachers. Children are not getting good education. The future of the children is in darkness. The state government has put on hold the recruitment of 93,000 teachers under the Vidya Sambal Yojana.

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