Rajasthan News: Spilling jam with friends, poisonous liquor took life

Ajmer News: Once again a case of death due to spurious liquor has come to the fore in Rajasthan. Some youths were spilling jam while partying in a house in Ajmer. After drinking some jam, the health of three friends deteriorated. After this, the family members, with the help of neighbors, took all three to the government hospital for treatment, where a young man died.

On Thursday night in Ajmer’s Indira Colony, a liquor party was organized for friends at Amit alias Kalu’s house. In this, Brajesh and Vikram also came to join this party. The three friends spilled many jams one after the other. All three fainted after about an hour. Foam started coming out of his mouth. He was taken to the hospital in unconsciousness. Where Brajesh died during treatment. After getting information about the incident, the police inspected the spot. Recovered bottles of English liquor from the house. This wine will be investigated. Only after the investigation, the reason will be revealed whether the death was due to excessive drinking or alcohol poisoning.

The deceased Brajesh was a painter
The deceased Brajesh was a painter and used to do color painting work in houses. His friends Vikram and Amit also do private jobs. Amit alias Kalu operates vehicle parking in Kishangarh. The police is probing the entire incident thoroughly. 

Deaths happened earlier also due to poisonous liquor
There have been many deaths in Rajasthan even before by drinking poisonous liquor. In October 2009, seven people died after drinking spurious liquor in two villages of Ajmer and Rajsamand districts. Three people of the same family died after drinking spurious liquor in Banswara.

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