Rajasthani Recipe: When the vegetable is over, this big moong dal will come in handy, know how to make it

Moong Dal Mangodi: You have probably tasted the taste of the famous Moong Dal Mangodi of Rajasthan. It is also known as badi in northern India, which is also made by mixing spinach, brinjal, gourd with vegetable. This big dish of moong dal is not only good in taste but also beneficial for health. It is also quite easy to make. Also, when you run out of vegetables in your house or you get bored of eating only one vegetable, then you can make and eat its vegetable to change the taste. This vegetable is eaten with both roti and rice. Not only this, you can also store it for a long time without getting spoiled. So let’s know how to make Moong Dal Badi.

Ingredients needed to make Moong Dal Badi
1 cup peeled yellow moong dal
tsp asafoetida
2 tsp ginger and green chilli paste

How to make Moong Dal Badi
First of all clean and wash the lentils thoroughly. Then leave it soaked for 8 hours. Now drain its water and filter it and keep it. Now grind the lentils in a mixer without water. 

Now add asafetida, ginger, green chili paste and mix it well. Now put oil in a plate. Now with the help of hand, make small bowls big and put it on the plate. Now keep the plate in the sun to dry. If there is strong sunlight then your preparation will be ready very soon otherwise it may take 2 days. To check whether they are ready, break them and see if there is any moisture in them. If not then your moong dal ki badi is ready. Now close it in an air tight container and use it whenever you want to make vegetables.

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