Rajasthani turban, cream color kurta and white shawl, PM Modi’s new style on 74th Republic

PM Modi Turban On Republic Day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) has worn a multicolored Rajasthani Turban symbolizing India’s diversity on the occasion of 74th Republic Day. The first glimpse of this year’s dress of PM Modi came to the fore when PM Modi reached the War Memorial before the Republic Day parade. Wearing a white kurta and black coat with pants, PM Modi is wearing a white stole. A multi-coloured turban with a long tail added to the black and white outfit. 

Last year, PM Modi’s attire had a distinct touch of Uttarakhand and Manipur as he wore a Brahmakamal cap from Uttarakhand and stole a lirum phi from Manipur. PM Modi’s choice of dress on the two occasions of Independence Day and Republic Day is of great interest, although PM Modi wears traditional clothes of a particular tribe or region on other occasions as well. 

2020 wore saffron bandhej cap

On the 72nd Republic Day in 2021, PM Modi wore a red tied cap, which was a gift from the royal family of Jamnagar. In 2020, PM Modi wore a saffron bandhej cap. Narendra Modi has always been known to wear something different. 

The Independence Day turban had a glimpse of the tricolor 

< p>In the Independence Day of the year 2022, a glimpse of the tricolor was seen in the turban of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This turban of saffron, white and green color was the center of attraction. This time he has won the hearts of people with a special multicolored Rajasthani turban. Earlier, on the Republic Day of 2022, he wore the Brahmakamal cap of Uttarakhand. 

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