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The Episode starts with Chirag calling the doctor. Madhu says no one will stop me now. Pushkar catches Madhu and scolds her. Madhu and Urvashi see Arjun taking care of Rajjo. They get angry. Chirag gets the doctor. Arjun asks doctor to check. Madhu stops Urvashi. She says we will talk to him. Pushkar asks how dare you come here, its your and Rajjo’s plan, you knew Arjun is my relative, so you have sent Rajjo to Arjun, you also used to do this, Rajjo has the same work, disgusting, people like you make illegitimate relations and use illegitimate child for money, you have trained Rajjo well and sent her to Arjun. She cries.

Doctor says I have given the stitches, but there are chances of infection, so 48 hours are crucial, don’t worry. Chirag goes with him. Arjun sits wiping Rajjo’s feet. Urvashi and Madhu look on shocked. Madhu scolds him. He says I m tolerating this, whatever happened with Rajjo. Pushkar asks Mannu to tell the price, how much money does she want. Mannu scolds him. She says Rajjo is my daughter, I got lost in the floods, Rajjo came here to find me, we don’t need you, I had sworn to not see your face ever. He hurts her.

Madhu says admit Rajjo in some hospital or any five star hotel room, just take her away. Arjun says you have heard what the doctor said, she is in danger, I have seen those people making a cut on her body, this kerchief has her blood, let her stay here. She doesn’t listen. Pushkar scolds Mannu saying this can be your drama, you can change your colour. She says I know you have a family, I won’t ashame them by telling your truth. Arjun says sorry, I can’t leave Rajjo’s responsibility. Madhu argues. He says its my request, she won’t go anywhere, I can’t make her away, you don’t know what happened with her, those people were stealing her organs, if I got two seconds late, then she would have died, Devimaa won’t be happy with such puja if you are ruining someone’s life. Mannu says I swear I will take Rajjo and go, trust me. Pushkar says I can’t trust you, you will go what I say, else you will lose her forever, don’t think I will get her killed, no, I will ruin your respect in front of your daughter, I will tell the truth to your daughter, that she is an illegitimate child. He scolds her a lot. She begs him to keep Rajjo away from all this. He asks her to cover her face. He threatens her. She says I will do as you say.

Arjun says I will die if anything happens to Rajjo. Madhu asks him to never say this. Urvashi asks him to think from heart and mind, Madhu is right. Madhu and Arjun argue. He says Rajjo will stay here till she gets fine, she won’t go anywhere, I have decided. She says fine, but she won’t stay in your room, she will stay where I will keep her. He says I accept this, please she shouldn’t get hurt. She asks Swara to get Rajjo to this storeroom, she will stay here. Swara asks what. Madhu asks didn’t you listen to me.

Madhu asks where is Pushkar. Pratap asks what happened. She says I have to ask him if he found Rajjo’s mum, once I find her mum, then this will end. Urvashi says her story will end. Pushkar comes and says then think the story is over, because I have found Rajjo’s mum. They all get surprised. Arjun asks what, where is she. Madhu asks who is she, where is she. The maids put Rajjo on some mat. And leave. Rajjo takes Mannu’s name. Pushkar calls Rajjo’s mum there. Mannu comes. Arjun recalls Mannu. He thinks Rajjo, your mum is found, really. Rajjo takes Arjun’s name. Kalindi says she was in mum’s staff. Pushkar says yes, she is Rajjo’s mum, Manorama.

Arjun says we found your mum. Rajjo runs after the car and shouts Maai. Rajjo and Mannu hug. Rajjo asks Pushkar to get a job for Mannu and her. Mannu says Rajjo has to go to village, its her marriage with Vicky. Vicky smiles.

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