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The Episode starts with Rajjo imagining Arjun’s care. She goes to do the aid. The family worries for Urvashi. Urvashi’s mum and dad talk aside, about the money lenders. He calls the money lender. He scolds him for kidnapping Urvashi. The man asks what are you saying, did you go mad, someone else fooled you, someone kidnapped her, save her from danger. Urvashi’s dad says they didn’t kidnap Urvashi. Jhilmil says we needed Pushkar a lot, why did he go. Pratap asks Kartik to call Pushkar. Rajjo thinks of Arjun. Ishq ki baaziyaan…plays… Arjun comes and does the aid to her wound. She smiles and says I liked this bandage. He calls her foolish, and scolds her.

She says I did all this for you. He checks Urvashi’s video again. He recalls Urvashi’s words. He says I know where to find Urvashi, she wants to give me a hint, we will go to the market. Everyone comes to the market. Arjun says Urvashi gave me this hint. Rajjo says this isn’t a market area. Arjun says I got Urvashi here, I made a ring for her, she is around, I know. Rajjo looks around. She sees the kidnapper’s car and hides. Pushkar asks how can this happen, take her somewhere else, I m reaching. Inspector asks why did you pay money to the kidnappers. Chirag and Arjun explain. Rajjo tries to sign Arjun. She runs to them and says I have seen that pink chunni car there. Arjun asks elders not to come.

Rajjo says the kidnapper went that side. Inspector says stay here, we can’t risk your life. Arjun says we will also help. Chirag says yes, we made the family reach the safe place. Arjun stops Rajjo and says there can be a risk to life. She gets a call from Nanku kaka. He says disconnect the call, don’t come after me. She asks who will save your life then. Nanku worries for Mannu. He asks Rajjo to answer the call. Arjun sees the kidnappers. They all fight the kidnappers. Arjun pulls the mask and they see Vicky. The family comes there, and free Urvashi. Urvashi hugs her mom and cries. Madhu asks are you fine, and hugs her. They see Vicky. Arjun hugs Urvashi. He scolds Vicky. He asks on whose saying did you do this, tell me.

Inspector says he is under arrest. Chirag says ask him why did he kidnap Urvashi. Inspector says don’t take law in your hands, take Urvashi home, we will take him. Vicky says sorry Rajjo, I have made you upset, but I didn’t say anything in front of anyone, don’t worry. He goes smiling. Rajjo worries. Arjun looks at her angrily. She says I don’t know why he said that. He says there would be some reason. They argue. Urvashi says she is a liar, she got me kidnapped. Rajjo says I don’t know anything. Urvashi says Vicky was her fiancée, its her plan, he was their leader, he was torturing me, he is Rajjo’s friend, she made him do this. She cries and asks Madhu to save her. Rajjo says call the police and ask them to check, Urvashi didn’t get kidnapped, she came here herself. Arjun asks her to shut up.

At home, Rajjo says my answer won’t change, I don’t know why Vicky told that. Arjun says Urvashi is blaming you. They argue. Chirag shouts enough. Arjun says tell her, its too much. Rajjo says listen to me once, you exposed Vicky’s truth, he can do anything, why did you believe him. Arjun says because I don’t trust you. She says I don’t know why he took my name, why would I meet him, maybe he did this to take revenge, if he takes my name, then you all will doubt me.

Urvashi blames Rajjo for the kidnapping. Rajjo says you lie a lot. Arjun says I won’t believe anyone, you prove it who is true.

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