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The Episode starts with Pushkar saying Kavita was helping Manorama. Kavita says I found her on roads and got her home to help. He says all the helpful people are in my family, Arjun told me about Rajjo’s mum, I got to know about Manorama, Devimaa gave us a hint to unite them. Mannu thinks he is a liar. Pushkar praises Arjun for keeping his responsibility so well. He says I m proud of you son, now no one needs to worry for Rajjo, we got Manorama now. Arjun says you gave me a big happiness, uncle. He says Rajjo has longed for you a lot, she always used to think about you. Mannu cries. He says you are Rajjo’s world, I feel I know you well like I know my mum. Madhu gets angry. Mannu says take me to her. He asks her to come. Pushkar says wait. Rajjo says Maai..

Madhu says let them meet, they will return to village soon. Arjun says yes, Rajjo will get a life seeing her mum. He says she is hurt, it can go wrong. Mannu asks how did she get hurt. He says she isn’t conscious, but she is fine. He says uncle, let her meet Rajjo. Pratap says Arjun is right, Rajjo will get fine when she sees her mum. Pushkar says you think I m an idiot, Rajjo is injured, she will be in trauma, you will be giving her a shock by taking her mum, she won’t be able to tolerate any shock, anything can happen. Mannu cries. He says if anything happens to that girl, then will you take responsibility. Jhilmil says Pushkar is wise, listen to him. He says it’s a matter of one day, make them meet when the girl gets better. Kartik says yes, listen to him, wait for one day more. Arjun says I don’t understand, but fine if you are saying this. Pushkar asks Mannu to listen to him if she wants to save her daughter. Arjun says don’t worry, I will be with Rajjo, trust me. Urvashi and Madhu get angry. Mannu thinks I just trust you. Pushkar says once Rajjo gets fine, I will pick her from here and make arrangements for you both, we shall go now. Arjun asks Mannu to leave the chunni there for Rajjo, it will give her strength and hope. Mannu gives the chunni. Madhu asks Kavita to take Mannu away. They leave. Swara says I shifted Rajjo. Arjun asks where. Pushkar asks where is the car. Bunty says I will call the driver. Pushkar gets angry. Kavita and Bunty go to call the driver. Pushkar scolds Mannu and asks her to stop playing with fire.

He says I will send you and your daughter away, then never dare to come back. Mannu says my Rajjo… Rajjo gets conscious. She says Maai…. Where am I. Madhu says Pushkar does a limit sometimes, he can see that I can’t tolerate that girl, why does he worry for her, I don’t care for her. Jhilmil says Pushkar isn’t like you, he is a good person. Kalindi says he has no one in comparison. Madhu says I respect him, but I did a mistake to listen to her. Urvashi says yes, I don’t think Arjun doesn’t want to give me a right, he doesn’t like me, ask Arjun if he wants to marry me or not. Madhu says you will become my bahu, I don’t want any other discussion. Urvashi says okay. Madhu gives them prasad. She says I don’t want anything else, just Rajjo should leave. Rajjo gets up and stumbles. Arjun holds her. She says you saved my life from the goons, thanks. He says forgive me, sorry, I should have checked the place before sending you. She says I know, you jumped in the river to save me, I know you can never leave me in danger. She asks why am I feeling hurt here, did they make a cut on my stomach. He nods and says I have beaten them a lot. He thinks sorry, I can’t tell you that your mum had come. Pushkar scolds Kavita and Bunty. He calls the driver and shouts on him. Mannu looks on. She says person’s ego and illusion ruins him, still a person thinks he is God. Rajjo hugs the dupatta. She gets pricked by Mannu’s bangle. She cries and says Maai… its my mum’s bangle piece, I had bought this for her, I remember, did my mum come, tell me for my sake.

Arjun says we found your mum. Pushkar’s car comes. They all sit in the car. Rajjo asks where. Arjun says downstairs, listen to me, she left. She runs. She feels pain in her stomach. The car doesn’t start. Kavita says maybe God wants us to leave Manorama with her daughter. Pushkar scolds her. Arjun runs after Rajjo. The car starts. Rajjo sees the car and runs after it. Pushkar hears the horoscope. Bunty jokes and asks Pushkar to be careful. Na tum jaano…plays… Rajjo sees Manorama and shouts Maai. Arjun shouts Rajjo and runs after her. Mannu sees Rajjo and shouts stop the car. The car stops. Pushkar sees Rajjo and Arjun behind. Mannu and Rajjo hug. Kavita and Arjun smile. Pushkar looks on angrily. Rajjo says I stood there holding the trishul, you didn’t come back, I cried a lot. Mannu says I know, I also cried a lot for you, I was looking for you, I saw you one day, I ran after you but my voice couldn’t reach you, its okay, I found you now, are you fine. Rajjo says I will be fine now, I got you, Arjun had helped me a lot, he saved me and united me with you. Mannu thanks Arjun. He says don’t fold hands, I didn’t do anything. Mannu says I will bow down to you. Arjun says don’t embarrass me, I m happy that you both met, I won’t see tears in Rajjo’s eyes from today. Pushkar thinks the horoscope got true. Mannu hugs Rajjo.

Rajjo asks Pushkar for some job. Mannu says Rajjo has to go to the village, because her marriage is going to happen with Vicky.

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