Raju Srivastava Heart Attack: Raju Srivastava suffered a heart attack while working out, if you see these symptoms then you should also be alert

Heart Attack Symptoms: Comedian and actor Raju Srivastav has been admitted to the hospital for treatment after a sudden heart attack. His condition happened while doing workouts in the gym. After which he was admitted to the hospital. You must have seen and heard many such cases before. Recently singer KK died due to cardiac arrest. Last year, actor Puneet Rajkumar also died due to cardiac arrest. 

Keep getting checkups Will happen. After the age of 40, you should keep getting regular periodic checkups done. This is a must for gym goers. 

Monitoring Heart Rate
While working out, keep monitoring your heart rate on the machine. For this, you can also wear a smartwatch, in which you can check heart rate. If while working out, you notice that your heart rate has reached 180 in front of 120, then go to the doctor immediately. Or even if the heart rate becomes slow, then get alerted immediately.

Don’t ignore these symptoms

  • If you feel like something is stuck in your throat
  • feeling nervous
  • getting confused
  • sweating
  • feeling weakness 
  • feeling dizzy
  • chest pain 


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