Rakhi Sawant removed the tattoo of Ritesh’s name of ex-husband, said – you are from my life and body…

Rakhi Sawant Removes Tatto: Actress Rakhi Sawant has got her ex-husband Ritesh’s name tattoo removed forever. Rakhi Sawant had introduced Riteish as her husband as a contestant of Bigg Boss 15, where it was revealed that Riteish was already married when he tied the knot with Rakhi. Rakhi and Ritesh got married in 2019 and in February this year, Rakhi announced their divorce.

In the video, Rakhi shares with her fans the decision to remove Ritesh’s tattoo and then introduces the tattoo artist. There are two more persons in the frame as the group takes a mirror selfie. The whole incident is being recorded in Rakhi’s camera. As she sits in front of the cast, Rakhi says, "Today I am going to get my Ritesh tattoo out." Rakhi is seen moaning in pain in the video.


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He made sure to express his sympathy and concern for her in the comments section. A fan commented, "Mam you yourself are so strong that you don’t need anyone’s blessings." Another fan said, "You deserve the best!" One fan wrote, ‘Shi kaya aap ne didi. Yet another comment reads, "Good decision Rakhi ma’am." Rakhi participated in Bigg Boss 14 and requested Ritesh to come out openly about her marriage. Even after pleading many times, Ritesh did not agree. It was in Bigg Boss 15 that Rakhi was finally able to introduce her husband to the public. He even joined the show with her.

But things turn ugly when Rakhi finds out that Ritesh is already married and has not divorced his first wife before marrying Rakhi, he also has a child from his first wife. Rakhi was very sad to learn this fact and on 15 February 2022 she announced her separation from Ritesh.

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