Ramayan ki Ram Karha: Not listening to Shiva, Goddess Sati took the test of Shri Ram, know what happened then?

Ramayan ki Ram Karha: According to Hindu religious texts, in Tretayuga, when Lord Shri Ram was searching for Mother Sita here and there after being distraught after the abduction of Mother Sita, then Shankar was engrossed on seeing Lord Rama. were happening and were chanting Satchidanand’s heart, but Sati could not believe that Lord Shri Ram was the Supreme Soul. Even after much persuasion of Lord Bholenath, Sati ji’s  If the confusion did not go away, he was asked to take the exam. At the same time Lord Shiva started thinking in his mind that :-

Hohi Soi Jo Ram Rachi Rakh< strong>, do could extend credit .

Mata Sati cleared the exam 

Sati ji disguised as Sita and went out to test Lord Shri Ram. When Sati ji reached in front of Lord Rama, Maryada Purushottam immediately recognized Sati ji and asked the news of Lord Bholenath. Then sati ji came back to lord shiva ji in shame. When shiv ji asked, mother sati lied and said that oh lord i didn’t take any exam and after going there i also bowed like you, along with sati ji this Also said that oh Nath, whatever you said cannot be a lie. In such a situation, there is no justification for taking the exam.

Lord Shiva knows everything in meditation. In meditation, they see Sati as Mata Sita ji and also know the lie of Sati ji. Seeing this, Lord Shiva feels very sad. For this reason, Shiva took his life to abandon Sati as his wife.  

According to the story described in religious texts, in this way Shiva’s form of wife to Sati  In abandonment, Sati’s renunciation, reincarnation as Parvati and her rigorous penance. Lord Shiva’s attention is disturbed by Kamdev, Kamadeva is consumed, in the end the incident of Parvati’s marriage with Shiva happens.    


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