Ranbir Kapoor breaks silence on wife’s criticism, says – people are jealous of Alia

Ranbir Kapoor Praises Alia Bhatt: Bollywood’s power couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are in discussion these days about the success of their film ‘Brahmastra’. Both are giving many interviews and are making a lot of headlines. Alia Bhatt had marketed the film fiercely despite her pregnancy and was giving interviews. But during this time some people did not like Alia’s work and people criticized her. On which now husband Ranbir Kapoor has broken his silence and has supported wife Alia. Ranbir praised Alia. Also made it clear that he is very happy with Alia’s work during pregnancy. 

During a conversation with NDTV, Ranbir said,"Despite being pregnant, the way Alia has marketed the film, no one else can do it. Alia was working in this condition, people should be inspired by it. In such a situation, any kind of criticism can be done only by those people who are jealous. We don’t take it seriously."

Alia is the best manager in the world
Also Ranbir also told that Alia’s presence makes his life better. Ranbir said that Alia is not only his wife but because he is a good person, he is a great actor, so respect him. According to the actor, he has got the best manager in the world in the form of Alia. Ranbir told that if he wants to do something, he gets it done by Alia because Alia has the best management skills in the world. Apart from this, Ranbir told that Alia has made his life very easy. 

Seeing together on screen for the first time 
The two were seen together for the first time in the recent release Brahmastra. Fans also liked the chemistry between the two with the film. The film performed well at the box office and has crossed 300 worldwide. Let us tell you that a budget of 410 crores was taken to make the film. Apart from Ranbir and Alia, Brahmastra also featured Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna and Mouni Roy. Shahrukh Khan appeared in a cameo role. 

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