Rangoli Hacks: Follow These Simple Tips, Attractive Rangoli Will Be Made In 10 Minutes

Tips for Making Rangoli Design: The festive season is just about to begin. Every year festivals come to our homes to spread happiness and lots of love.  Although a lot of preparations are done on the occasion of Diwali, but Rangoli is also a special preparation among them. Rangoli is not just a beautiful art but it is also an important part of our culture. Rangoli is made on festivals every year for years. So if you are making Rangoli for the first time or you do not know how to make Rangoli, then today we have brought a solution to your problem.  In this news, we are going to tell you some easy tips to make Rangoli, with the help of which you can make attractive Rangoli very quickly and easily.
Create small shapes in the beginning 
 To make a big rangoli, start making small shapes and patterns. Smaller patterns will help you gradually build up to larger patterns.  In this way, even though it will take some time to make Rangoli, but your Rangoli will turn out to be very beautiful and attractive.
Use fevicol or ear buds 
This is the best way to make flower patterns or new designs. All you have to do is cut off the top of the fevicol bottle and fill colors inside it. After filling the color, use it to make a design like a pen. You can also use ear buds to make the design.
 Bangles will help in making beautiful Rangoli
The beauty of Rangoli will be filled with flowers
Keep a lamp near Rangoli 
If you keep a lamp or candle near the Rangoli, then the beauty of Rangoli will be enhanced. By doing this your Rangoli will look more attractive and the colors of Rangoli will start shining with light.
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