Read the experience of those people who came out of the mouth of death in ICU, how did it feel seeing death so close

American Heart Association Scientific Sessions: The biggest truth of this world is ‘Death Door’. But a mystery is also attached to this truth. The mystery is that how does a person feel when he is standing at death’s door? There are many questions related to death like where does the soul go when a person dies? Even today the mystery remains. There is also a question that when the heart stops beating then where does the soul inside the human go at that time? Doctors and scientists have been doing research for years to uncover all these mysteries, but till now no success has been achieved.

Claim of the doctors of the Intensive Care Unit

Doctors of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) claim that they have been doing research for 25 years on what is the border line between death and life? Dr. Sam Parnia, an associate professor in the Department of Medicine at NYU Langone Health, has been working in this field for 25 years. Parnia said that I meet and talk to ICU patients for many years. Especially those patients who have got life once again by defeating death. By the way, I have listened very carefully to the experiences of the people and have found that the experiences of all the people are different.

Experiences of near death

 People who came out of the mouth of death shared their experiences and said that when the heartbeat starts to stop, then there is an experience of peace and consciousness. All the fascination with the world starts to end. This happens even when the person is unconscious and near death. Dr. Sam Parnia told that we have done this research on many people. These are people whose heart stopped beating, then later they were brought back from death by giving CPR.

Dead relatives began to appear

When people who beat death were asked how they felt during the time they were unconscious, some patients gave very different answers. Even the doctors were surprised to hear that. Many patients are saved after attack or cardiac arrest. Many of them have the experience of going near death. Research shows that 1 out of 10 patients who suffer a heart attack see death very closely. Many patients shared their experiences and said. When I felt that I would not be alive, I felt that I was entering a dark long tunnel. And the other person said that at the time of fainting, I saw a flashing light. Some people said- I was seeing my dead relatives.

All of them were asked that when the heartbeat starts to stop, then how does it feel, then they said that they experience consciousness. Many people also see their relatives or friends who have died, but there are some people who see people whom they still thought were alive and whose death did not reach them.

Many patients survive after CPR

1. Some patients said that when they regained consciousness in the ICU, they felt as if they were going to a new place. Somebody has returned from there. 

2.Some start remembering the old days of life. So someone starts remembering the old scary moments of his life. Some patients felt as if they were going to some new place. Dr. Parnia told Medical News Today that many patients considered how their actions affected others.

3. Some patients said that they felt like they were going somewhere. It felt just like home.

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