‘Ready to fulfill orders’- Army bid on PoK, also gave statement on launch pad of terrorists

Jammu & Kashmir: The Indian Army has claimed that it is ready to follow any order of the government to take back Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, the head of the Indian Army’s Northern Command, claimed that around 160 terrorists were present at the launch pad activated by Pakistan.

Talking to the media in Jammu’s Poonch, Lieutenant General Dwivedi said that the Defense Minister has already given his statement on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Referring to this, he said, “The Indian Army is ready to fulfill any order of the government.” 

‘Change in the Kashmir Valley after the removal of Article 370’ 

The chief of the Northern Command said, "After the removal of Article 370, a lot of change is being seen in the Kashmir Valley." They said, "There is peace, development in the state and there has been a decline in terrorism to a great extent." On continuous targeting of innocents by terrorists in Kashmir, Lt Gen Dwivedi said that terrorism has been reduced to a great extent. He claimed that such attempts are made by the furious terrorists sometimes with pistols, sometimes with weapons and unarmed people are targeted. But, terrorists will never succeed in their plans.

16th Corps Commander level meeting in June and July 

On the condition of the Line of Actual Control between India and China, the Chief of the Northern Command claimed that the 16th Corps Commander level meeting was held in June and July. He said that both sides had reached an agreement in this meeting. This agreement was implemented at the ground level in the month of September. He said that the dispute of PP 15 was explained due to the cement that happened in the meeting of the divisional commanders of both the armies.

He said that the Indian Army is currently paying attention to the first disengagement on the Line of Actual Control, after that there will be de-escalation. He said that to resolve the remaining disputes between India and China, the proposal for a 17-level Corps Commander meeting has come from both sides. Its date will be announced soon. He said that Pakistan is constantly trying to send drugs. Recently we have seized drugs worth crores. 

Youths of 20-30 years are becoming terrorists

Left General Dwivedi said that as far as drones are concerned, Pakistan will try to send drones. We will install counter drone equipment. Right now we have installed counter drone equipment at many places, and we are also looking at those places where they try to drop weapons through drones. So that these places can also be separated. He said that at present there are about 160 terrorists present on the launchpads. Of this, North of Pirpanjal has 130, while South of Pirpanjal has 30.

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