Rebellion of Congress leaders in Uttarakhand, Working President Ranjit Rawat raised this big demand

Uttarakhand News: After becoming the Leader of the Opposition and the state president in Uttarakhand, the attitude of many leaders is seen to be rebellious. On one hand, former Leader of Opposition Pritam Singh is talking about resignation due to concussion, while working president Ranjit Rawat has raised the demand to make Pritam Singh as Leader of Opposition. 

What does Ranjit Rawat have to say . However, Ranjeet Rawat also said that the decision of the Central High Command will be valid. Many meanings are being taken out of this statement of Ranjit Rawat, due to which the factionalism of Congress seems to be getting more air.

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Ranjit Rawat denies the allegations
Ranjit Rawat clearly said that it is the right of every worker to demand investigation regarding contraception during elections, but Ranjit Rawat accused Pritam Singh Allegations of delusions were vehemently denied. 

accusing Pritam is wrong- Ranjeet 
Ranjeet Rawat said that, “Pritam Singh is a dedicated worker of the party and his nature is not such that he should infiltrate the party. It is wrong to accuse him like contraception. Ranjeet Rawat said that if Pritam Singh is talking of a party level investigation on the beheading case, then that matter should be investigated.”

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