Red Chilli: Red chili is a great work, many benefits are available by using it in the right way

Red Chilli Benefits: Often people remember the harm caused by it when they hear the name of red chili. But do you know about the benefits of red chillies for the body? Yes, red chilies not only cause harm to the body, but if you consume it in the right way then it can also have many benefits. Today in this article we will learn about the benefits of red chillies for the body.

Benefits of red chillies

relieve respiratory problems


increases the desire to eat 

Relief from the problem of cholera

Red chillies can provide relief from cholera problems. To consume it, keep the seeds of red chili separately. Now grind its skins finely and filter it with a cloth. Now add some camphor and asafetida to it  Eat this mixture regularly. It can cure cholera. 

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