Relationship: Fights are increasing between husband and wife, so take care of these 5 things

Husband Wife Fight Reason: There is a lot of love in the beginning of any relationship, but as the relationship gets old, love starts decreasing. Especially this happens between lover-girlfriend or husband and wife. For a few days of marriage, everything seems very beautiful, loving and very romantic, but after completion of 2-3 years, love diminishes and both get entangled in their respective responsibilities. Sometimes the quarrel with the partner increases so much that there is no talk for many days. This happens with most couples. Although too much quarrel in the relationship is not good, it spoils the atmosphere of the house and increases tension. If there are more fights in your relationship, then take care of these things.

1- Good to keep quiet- There are times when both people are arguing. So it is okay for one of the partners to be silent. This does not make the fight a bad situation. Many times the reason for increasing the quarrel is debate. So shut up at that time, even if you explain your point later.
2- Freedom is important- Many times people want to keep others tied. Relationship becomes beautiful only by giving freedom in love. In such a situation, you should give freedom to your partner from eating and drinking to wearing it. Let him make his own decisions. Yes, if he asks you for advice, then definitely tell. This will reduce fights.
3- Share responsibilities- Many times the burden of responsibilities increases in women. Take care of the child, family, office, food and drink even other family members. In such a situation, a sensible partner should help reduce the responsibilities of his partner. Work stress also leads to fights.
4- Don’t impose choice- Never impose your choice on your partner in a relationship. Many times women stay at home for the whole week, they feel like going out on weekends, but if you go to office all week then you feel like relaxing at home. In such a situation, if you are not going, then do not stop your partner. You can compromise either way. That we will go for a walk for 2 weeks in a month.
5- Spend time together- Many women complain that husbands do not talk much after marriage, do not spend time together. Due to this, fights increase in the relationship. So talk when you get time. Spend quality time with each other. This will reduce fights. 

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