Relationship Management: Choose between mother and wife, whenever such an opportunity comes, know how to choose

Relationship Management: After marriage, the biggest question for a boy is that who should choose between mother and wife? On the one hand, there is his mother, who has brought him up and brought him up. On the other hand, there is his wife, who loves him very much and has left her maternal and comfortable life after marrying for him. two people one  There can be no thinking, in such a situation the thinking of mother-in-law can be different on many issues. This is the only moment in which if the boy gets stuck, then he does not understand what to do now? Because he does not want to hurt the feelings of both these important people in his life in the slightest. So what should be done in such a situation?

Keep distance from those things 
The best way can be how to save yourself from getting trapped. If there is any mutual difference between mother and wife, you do not need to give opinion on anyone’s side. If you are asked to choose one of the two opinions, you can take your own steps. Tell them that they both understand more about the matter and that you are sure that together they can reach a better decision . 

Do not give quick opinion on any issue 
Women do not leave any issue easily. In such a situation, you may fall behind, but he may put you forward again and again. If your mother and wife put you in a situation where you have no choice but to make a choice, ask them for time to think. After this, comfortably keep your point in front of both of them. You tell them that this is what you thought about it, now they can both decide together if there is a better option. 

Talk apart
If you feel that there is a situation in which being behind one can keep the peace of the house, then don’t hesitate to talk. Talk to both mother and wife separately and try to convince them. Never put the two in front of each other or give a one-sided verdict. 

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