Relationship Tips: These 5 Feelings Will Tell How You Are In A Relationship, Have You Been Stuck In This Relationship?

Relationship Tips: Loving and keeping it both are very responsible. That’s why it is said that loving is not easy. Many times, after the start of a relationship, it is realized that the partner does not care about you. This thing can be understood very easily. Many relationships are liked a lot in the beginning, but as time passes, the sweetness in the relationship starts decreasing. You start feeling lonely even when you are with your partner. For most couples in such relationships, it becomes a very toxic bond, in which they feel suffocated every day. Are you in a similar relationship too?

Always getting negative thoughts
Always feeling frustrated, irritated or unhappy about partner is a sign of unhappy relationship. In these relationships, even after coming in front of the partner, only his negative things are seen even if he does not want to. The thought that comes to mind again and again is how unhappy you are in this relationship or that you deserve it the most. Being in these relationships brings tremendous emotional stress.

Happiness in greater distance than together
Earlier, where partner used to give you butterflies, now you do not even feel happy being around them, so that means you are not happy in the relationship and you Just driving him. In such a relationship, the situation becomes such that despite being a couple, two people prefer to travel with friends or alone more than spending time together. Distance from partner makes them feel more relaxed and when they have to come back they feel strangely unhappy.

It is common to have quarrels
It is common to have arguments or quarrels between couples. However, if you have fights almost daily or even a small thing becomes a matter of debate between you, then it means that there is neither mutual understanding between you nor the desire to run the relationship. Such couples can be toxic to each other, which starts dominating their personality too.

Keeping account of mistakes 
Many couples unknowingly keep track of each other’s mistakes or other things. In such couples, there is more feeling of taking revenge on each other or making them feel guilty. Instead of working together on solving problems, these couples tend to account for other’s mistakes more. This is by no means a healthy relationship.

Always sorry yourself 
Are you in a relationship where you are the only one who says sorry when there is a fight or anything, or the partner tries to hold you accountable? If yes, then you are also in unhealthy relationship. In a relationship, one partner being excessively superior and the other being submissive, cannot in any way allow a healthy relationship to be maintained. In such relationships, there is more sense of ego or fear and less love.

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